These are the top ten things I have learnt starting my 2nd business Hive Empire.

God created the internet to market your business online – get that firmly entrenched in your mind … and when he created it what he wanted you to have is thousands of visitors to your site.
To achieve this you’ll need a strategy to get quality traffic to your website and drive sales.
An effective online marketing [...]

These are 5 things I check daily for clients and for our businesses:
1. Number of Sales – I check signups/sales/leads or whatever the metric that all marketing is determined on for a particular client. With Laser Sight Centres its all about laser eye surgery bookings. How many today versus yesterday.
2. Website traffic – I check [...]

Welcome to the second instalment of Creating an Email List. To recap: you have a little website and some channels pointing to it, sending you web traffic. Converting website visitors into database signups is the key now.
First let me flag 1 thing: although I have written about acquisition channels it is advisable to setup your [...]

The following post is all about building an email list. I am going to do a few posts on this topic and give you examples of how to build a list up.
Laying the Online Marketing Platform
The Online Marketing Strategy for this email list building needs a solid platform to start with. Key elements of this [...]

So you want to sell something from your webpage? Do you want to get your user to take some sort of action? Well your going to have to sell it to them in a way that they understand.
There are 4 steps in selling anything (real estate, entreprise IT, cars, vacuum cleaner..) it doesnt matter what [...]

In a world first Fosters have announced they have removed ALL and I repeat ALL of their TV from their marketing spend and have moved it to online. Let me just clarify, they are not spending a single cent on TV advertising and are instead spending all those bags of money online. That passing fad [...]
This clip rocked me a bit. Sometimes I feel this over marketed way. We produce these things and dont really think about what the end result is.
I really really appreciate how hard it would have been for Apple to roll out that packaging. Its clean simple and stands out in this marketing infested product category.
My [...]

Internet Marketing Angel

Internet marketers like myself have gotten a bad reputation from people abusing the system. Like call centres, telephone marketers, mail bombers, lawyers and advertising guys in general! Internet marketers have gotten this reputation very unfairly. Like most professions there are the couple that stir the mixing pot and ruin the mix. Recently the Australian Advertising [...]


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Life Goal
My Mission is to help you make positive changes in your life, by doing that, maybe in some small way, I will help you achieve all that you ever wanted to be.