Honeypots: Millions of addicted customers

I am a gaming addict. I have played computer games since I was 6. I grew up with them. I developed my own ones.

I am now into World of Warcraft. This is a 100% online game and there are now over 4million users online. For me I had to actually plan my life around this game and impose boundaries. There are 2 stories with this game that will impress upon you how intense it is. 1) There was a Korean guy that played the game so long and didnt take care of himself that he died at his computer. 2) There were 2 Japanese guys that journeyed through the world to get a sword, one of the guys sold the sword and the other guy was so annoyed he went over to his house and stabbed the guy to death. Yeah.. pretty intense. I am not at that level but do like the game a lot.

This is a massive trend to games and will continue into the future. It is a honey pot of keen users all in one place. I am sure marketers, corporates and entrepreneurs are going to tap into this. There has been some already with characters, items and money from within the game being auctioned off on Ebay!

Something I have noticed more and more happening out there are some of the big online players making large purchases of online space similar to this gaming honeypot. Example Yahoo purchasing Konfabulator, http://upcoming.org/ and flikr.com. The strategy here has been for Yahoo to try and take advantage of their huge libraries of content in other ways.

Googles purchase of Blogger has been a great way for it to sell more adsense ads. There is a button inside this program that allows you to ad advertisements to your blog. I have felt that this might detract from this blog for now and didnt want to flog the whole marketing thing too much.

I think there will be more purchases of these kinds of honeypots as more and more bees buzz to them!

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