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A Review of Hyros setup in Second Life

Second Life Marketing Review

I was reading the Digital Media magazine that came with my B&T and noticed Hyro had setup a Second Life Recruitment Hub. So I have decided to provide you with a review of what I found.

Hyro’s Second Life Recruitment Hub Review
Firstly I am not a Second Life guru but would more place myself into the Noob demographic. I think this post might be quite interesting from the perspective of a marketer in some of the things to cover when marketing in Second Life. I struggled a bit trying to actually find the Hyro establishment. Its not listed on their press release where the actual coordinates of the Hyro Recruitment Hub were. I actually found where it was by reading a different Second Life blog.

Second Life convenient links that actually teleport your character directly to the place in question.

(BTW The Hyro Second Life Recruitment Hub coordinates are as follows. You need to have your Second Life application open at the same time.)

Whats inside?
So I really like whats inside the Hyro Recruitment Hub! Here is what’s listed in the index:

A picture of the index in the complex

1. Theatre Block
Contruction site – Something thats still being built.
Theatre – This is a big theatre with lots of seats to sit down in. Quite nice. There is a big ad on the wall saying “Heavy Mobile TV. Coming Soon”. I might have to revist to see what thats all about?

2. Conference Centre

Submit your application here. I struggled and couldnt quite work it out.

Recruitment Hub – This is the all famous place where you can submit your application. I couldnt figure out how to get the application onto my character. I consider myself to be fairly technically savvy but still a Second Life n00b so maybe there was a little trick to it. Perhaps, because none of the Hyro people were present they set it not to function?
The Space Station – This is a conference room with lots of seats and a table styled like a space station.
The Forest – This is a conference room with lots of seats and a table styled like a forrest. I didnt really bother going in here as it was the same as the other.
The Beach – This is a conference room with lots of seats and a table styled like a beach, I liked this one because of the lifesaver flags.

3. Showrooms
News & Awards – Some listings of the awards and recent news Hyro has received.
Web & Interactive – Some portfolio screenshots of work
Wireless & Mobile – Same as above.
Construction site – Something being built here.

4. Workshop
A place to meet with tables and chairs where you could submit your application for a job again. Again I didnt figure out how to get my application form.

This is a perspective of the different levels that are in the complex.

I decided to take a bit of a tour around and had some fun shooting my avatar around in the cannons. But because no one was there to enjoy it with me I left.

All and all an interesting experience and I learnt a bit about moving around in Second Life. Was super keen to get that application form but perhaps its just a bug they are fixing. I just went over to this castle near by and have found my first Second Life person to speak to. They are French so lets see how I go!

Online gaming and marketing games

Ashes Cricket Weetbix

We launched the Ashes Cricket website and it is turning into a glowing success. Key success elements:

1. Ashes Cricket Microsite – A microsite like this ensures that visitors dont get lost in all the other content weetbix provides. This way there is a place for visitors to easily go.

2. Ashes Download – This is a desktop application that sits on peoples desktop and sends them updates whenever a wicket falls. This is great for the user connection and continuing an ongoing relationship with the visitor of the website. I personally think having something on the customers desktop is very powerful and is a massive brand extension for Weet-bix just being a tv commercial and box of cereal!

3. Ashes On pack Competition – The competition does around 900 entries per day. Its a great traffic driver for the website and gets people to the website. The sheer depth of the website and other elements to it builds that engagement.

4. Brett Lee Ashes Bowling Game – This flash game is superb! Its very addictive. It comes more from the mindset of the bowler and allows you to think and play like a bowler. Its quite mathmatical and has some good smarts built into it.

Let me know what you think?

Online gaming and marketing games

Online Christmas Game for Marketing Purposes

If you are looking to build a christmas game or perhaps a funny eCard to send to your clients here are some samples to look at.

Bounce the presents into Santas sleigh!
This game got a HUGE response and the top scores that were recorded must have meant people were playing this well into the night and during work hours. With the highscore engine and great graphics in this one you would be looking at around $5-6k to build something comparable.

Santa down the chimney
(Love the sound effects with this one!)
This is a fun game and the sound effects make it great. This caused a storm of comedy and viralness in the financial community when people could send Santa down the burning chimney! This game cost around $4k mark. Not as complicated although quite funny!

Juggle the football
This game worked really well for the World cup and again got a great response rate. This game had some great 3D effects and something much more christmassy and fun would cost around $4.5k. E.g. I would Get presents and juggle them and add in more presents as the number of juggles increased.

All these games would be fully branded in your company colours and branding. If a game is too much on the old budget I would suggest just doing a funny flash eCard with Santa and your brand. Perhaps putting Santa into a funny situation with his elves and reindeer, some nice flash animation and some music always go down well. Something clean and fun like this with some good animation and sound would cost around $2700.

All things considered when you look at your printing, postage and admin work the old flash game tends to be quite cost effective considering the effect it will have with your customers.

Christmas games are great if you really want to stand out this xmas and bring a bit of a cheer to your clients faces. I think the viral element of it is great and its just different and fun. I think the christmas card with a pre-printed signature is kinda boring and just makes me feel old each time I recieve them from other people. Online Christmas games are fun because they engage your audience and you get to show the personal side of your company to your customers.

3 tips for making a great online christmas game for your marketing

1. Think about how you are going to deliver your game – Building a game is easy. Promoting it again needs to be thought of. I always suggest a nice HTML and text based email announcing the game to your customers. If you use your email list this will have a great response!

2. Budget to be remembered – Great games cost lots of money ($50k). For christmas I would suggest something between $5-7k. This will get you a good game, a highscore calculator and a forward to a friend functions. Something fun and zippy like this is suggested to have the right level of impact and be remembered over those crappy printed generic cards. The $3-5k games are good too and they will have a good effect although they arent going to last very long. They also tend to be a little less viral.

3. Remember your metrics – I suggest collecting some metrics on your game. The following are a good starting point:

  • Number of times played
  • Number of forward to friends
  • Time spent playing the game

Again if you are interested in getting a game this Christmas going. Now is the perfect time to start discussing, send me an email at Freestyle Media to discuss further

Online gaming and marketing games

Get your online marketing ready for Christmas!

Have you thought about how you are going to use online marketing to communicate to your customers this christmas? Here are some suggestions:

1. An online christmas game – These work really well as they are different and a fun way of delivering that christmas message
2. An emailout – A short quick and quirky email always goes down well.
3. Putting Christmas trimmings on your website – This is good because it shows that your website is alive and changing. I personally love a good hint of Santa and christmas cheer throuhgout an ordinarily corporate website.

What other ideas do you have for this christmas?

If you need any help with your online marketing this christmas send me an email and I am sure Freestyle Media can help you out.

Games Examples and Ideas

Get those presents in the sley with this great online christmas game
Perhaps a rejig of something with Santa doing some present laying (Love the sound effects with this one!)
Maybe you could rejig this game to be a lot more christmasy

Online gaming and marketing games

Viral Marketing Game from PMI Insurance

I love games! Especially viral ones. They just enthuse me and keep me entertained for hours. I am not sure how long I played that DHL one with Santa and how he had to keep trying to get the presents into the DHL car. I would play it now if I knew the link. I recommend to our clients games in particular instances where they want to deliver some serious awareness and build some more interaction with the brand.

PMI Insurance just rolled out there 3rd online game and its superb! A world Cup Soccer competition that just keeps me hooked for hours.

I love the way that the scores are entered and the 3D effects of the ball spinning. That part gets me everytime. We really enjoyed helping PMI with this game and given the exceptional results of the previous games I hope this is twice as successful!

Let me know what you think?

Online gaming and marketing games

Honeypots: Millions of addicted customers

I am a gaming addict. I have played computer games since I was 6. I grew up with them. I developed my own ones.

I am now into World of Warcraft. This is a 100% online game and there are now over 4million users online. For me I had to actually plan my life around this game and impose boundaries. There are 2 stories with this game that will impress upon you how intense it is. 1) There was a Korean guy that played the game so long and didnt take care of himself that he died at his computer. 2) There were 2 Japanese guys that journeyed through the world to get a sword, one of the guys sold the sword and the other guy was so annoyed he went over to his house and stabbed the guy to death. Yeah.. pretty intense. I am not at that level but do like the game a lot.

This is a massive trend to games and will continue into the future. It is a honey pot of keen users all in one place. I am sure marketers, corporates and entrepreneurs are going to tap into this. There has been some already with characters, items and money from within the game being auctioned off on Ebay!

Something I have noticed more and more happening out there are some of the big online players making large purchases of online space similar to this gaming honeypot. Example Yahoo purchasing Konfabulator, and The strategy here has been for Yahoo to try and take advantage of their huge libraries of content in other ways.

Googles purchase of Blogger has been a great way for it to sell more adsense ads. There is a button inside this program that allows you to ad advertisements to your blog. I have felt that this might detract from this blog for now and didnt want to flog the whole marketing thing too much.

I think there will be more purchases of these kinds of honeypots as more and more bees buzz to them!