If you have a minute checkout this latest christmas flash game we recently developed for one of our clients PMI mortgage Insurance.
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Second Life Marketing Review
I was reading the Digital Media magazine that came with my B&T and noticed Hyro had setup a Second Life Recruitment Hub. So I have decided to provide you with a review of what I found.
Hyro’s Second Life Recruitment Hub ReviewFirstly I am not a Second Life guru but would more place [...]

Ashes Cricket Weetbix

We launched the Ashes Cricket website and it is turning into a glowing success. Key success elements:
1. Ashes Cricket Microsite – A microsite like this ensures that visitors dont get lost in all the other content weetbix provides. This way there is a place for visitors to easily go.
2. Ashes Download – This is a [...]

If you are looking to build a christmas game or perhaps a funny eCard to send to your clients here are some samples to look at.
Bounce the presents into Santas sleigh!This game got a HUGE response and the top scores that were recorded must have meant people were playing this well into the night and [...]

Have you thought about how you are going to use online marketing to communicate to your customers this christmas? Here are some suggestions:
1. An online christmas game – These work really well as they are different and a fun way of delivering that christmas message2. An emailout – A short quick and quirky email always [...]

I love games! Especially viral ones. They just enthuse me and keep me entertained for hours. I am not sure how long I played that DHL one with Santa and how he had to keep trying to get the presents into the DHL car. I would play it now if I knew the link. I [...]

I am a gaming addict. I have played computer games since I was 6. I grew up with them. I developed my own ones.
I am now into World of Warcraft. This is a 100% online game and there are now over 4million users online. For me I had to actually plan my life around this [...]


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