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Should you optimise your META tags for your SEO?

I get asked at every single SEO conference or talk I do whether or not you should optimise your META tags. Firstly here is my answer: Title tag <title> – Definately. Probably the most important factor in your SEO META Description and Keywords tags <meta> – Yes. My reason for this is that although it may not be the most important tag right now it is still a fundamental tag which Google may use more…

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How to write a website article to increase search engine traffic

How to write a Search Engine friendly article for your website By applying this formula to writing website articles, you will get great success with the search engines. Follow these 5 easy steps and experiment for yourself now. Fred Schebesta’s Article Writing Formula Step 1 – Choose your KeywordTo begin, choose your article’s keyword target. I suggest focusing on getting results for just one keyword for each article. Use a keyword selection tool or check…

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How to use Google to brainstorm your popular keywords and increase your traffic

Keyword Discovery with Google’s Free Tool Mervat is starting a new website called “Viva La Frock” and is struggling to brainstorm her website keywords. She wrote me an email below: “Hi Fred I attended the seminar on Tuesday about Online Marketing which you did a great job of presenting! I wanted to ask you, I am currently in the process of setting up my website and would like to start brainstorming my keywords for search…

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How to build a website that will rank well in the search engines?

Freestyle Media number 1 spot for “Online Marketing Agency” in Google Australia 4 Blunders to avoid your New Website from being Search Engine Unfriendly Redeveloping your website can be a real challenge when you assume your web designers and developers understand search engine marketing. Unfortunately this is not usually the case. Most designers are great at making pretty pictures and developers are great at making great technology. But pretty pictures and great technology don’t necessarily…

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“Online marketing sydney” search engine marketing case study #1

I have decided to give my blog a bit of meaningful credit and try and get my blog into the search engines and start getting some traffic to it. Pagerank = zero/10 Right now my blog has zero pagerank with Google. This means that not many people are linking to it and Google doesnt consider it a valuable website. I need to rectify this. The way I am going to do this is by getting…

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