Census can be viral too!

I like the census. Something about filling out a form with no wrong answers. Everything is valid data and interesting to someone. I am not sure how this viral craze started but have you heard of the Jedi Knight religion in Australia? Well some smart cookie figured out that you need 10,000 people to acknowledge that they belong to a particular religion they decided to take advantage of this. Did you know that one of the religions in Australia is Jedi Knight. That is my religion! I popped it on the form last night. I dont know how that crazy started but for some reason I heard it from someone or there was some sort of email and I just couldnt help myself but do a bit of antidisestablishmentism.

Ambi Pur’s are valuable

I heard another story the other day that someone had their car broken into just to steal the Ambi Pur on the dash board. Now when I heard that I felt that stunk of an agency sending a WOM campaign out there. It gives the product a perceived value when really its just like any other dangling piece pine tree you see making your car smell like a mixture of how it did before and when a christmas tree gets too old.

Fred Schebesta is highly addictive

I have been told by a few people that I have quite an addictive personality. That is hard for me to write and say to people but to be honest I really like being around people. Its the stimulation of the ADD perhaps? I dont have ADD in a bad way I think I just get some similar symptoms. I get all gittery and crave stimulation. My mind goes at 3.6 million thoughts a second and I try to explain it to every single person I know.

I have another theory about viral things. I dont think you can manufacture viralness. Its like saying an agency can make a brilliant ad everytime. Agencies have no idea if an ad is going to pull its tits off or just be hated by every single person. They just go through the creative strategy process and most of the time it produces good ads. David Ogilvy said that every Ad man produces between 3 to 5 stunning ads or concepts in their life and the rest is just average black and gold no name never to be talked or seen again advertising. I believe that and I think the same is with Viral. The big huge ad was good but the Tooheys one was in the same mold but just bored me and pissed me off. Especially because they used trebuchets.

I love trebuchets because I am a gamer and Age of Empires 2 trebuchets were superb.

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