Myspace Online marketing

Where is all the Hype of the Online Marketing Industry coming from?

There is a massive discrepancy between the amount of advertising dollars going into Online Marketing and the amount of time people are spending consuming the medium. What kills me these days is watching TV and getting offensively advertised to. The key thing here is that the balance between the number of ads the TV stations can show to not piss their viewers off is so much lower than it used to be. Why is that?…

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Myspace Website traffic

Myspace Web Stats

Here are some interesting stats about Myspace usage courtesy of B and T. The Australian version of popular social networking site MySpace claims more than 50% of its users are over the age of 25. Research from Nielsen Netratings show that over 1.1 million MySpace Australia users are in the 24 to 34 year-old age demographic. I think its interesting the demographic change. Although I am putting my foot in this and laying down my…

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Google Music Myspace

Myspace launches in Australia

No one could say that dot com wasn’t back when News Corp purchased Myspace for $580m. Now it has just signed a $900m contract with Google to allow them to provide paid search listings on the website. Myspace says that its going to be used for paying back the purchase. What a deal! Thats good dot com business. Myspace just launched the Australian version of the website Myspace successfully launched in the UK in…

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Myspace designs about to go nuts

Im a myspace virgin and I just had my first taste of it. Everyone in online marketing is going how in the world is this gonna make money and how are we gonna catch the wave. Well here is my prediction and 2 cents. Myspaces are gold for people looking to build a social network. Companies will have their own myspaces like jose cuero tequilla (pardon my spelling). It is so easy to create a…

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