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Inspiration is the cure for Depression

Inspiration is the cure for Depression Persistence at something is how you achieve it. But every now again you feel a bit down and just get confused as to why you are persisting at what you are doing. I have found that at these times it will take something quite revolutionary to change this. Something will just snap you out of that feeling of being stuck in mud. Some people call it depression, but you…

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NSW Young BizStar Entrepreneur Competition

My fellow director of Freestyle Media, Frank Restuccia had a great time talking at the final of the NSW Young BizStar Competition 2007 yesterday. He told me it was a great opportunity to pass on our experience of the pros and cons of being young and starting a successful business to the next generation of entrepreneurs I know he inspired them to great deeds with our story of: Starting Freestyle Media while studying at University…

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How to build a niche market forum business? Interview: Mark Doust from

I like interviewing webmasters from time to time to find out some info about them and their web businesses. Following is an interview with Mark Doust who runs a web forum for people with new web businesses. Some great advice in here that I think is valuable especially on how to get started. Very interesting method of promotion in terms of referral marketing and article PR. If you run more than one website. What…

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