The Frugal Fight Club: How to stay lean and…

3 to 4 times a year I go on a cancelation spree. I hack and slash everything, including the things I ‘think’ I ‘need’. This allows me to figure out which things I truly need, and which things I’m comfortable to do without. Each time my pain threshold grows stronger, and as a result I live a minimalist life.

Staff at finder have to come on the journey with me and have learned to accept that even core services might go down because you cancelled the credit card or changed PayPal details to force payments to decline.

Or even withholding credit card details to make team members think twice around whether they really need the service or software they are about to sign up for.

I trust my staff to make purchasing decisions but occasionally I’ll play the grinch to train my team how to think frugally, even if we desperately need what we are about to purchase. Sometimes it’s painful for staff especially if they feel they need something but it inspires innovation. They have to think of creative workarounds to achieve the same thing with an alternate method. It also keeps them comfortable with a level of pain and keeps them ‘hungry’ and appreciative for what we already have.

I liken it to boxers who have to have a level of being able to accept they need to fight and carry on to win, no matter how bruised, battered or bloodied up they are.

Hat tip to Jeremy Cabral for these powerful insights.

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