7 Unusual Substitutes that will Save you Money

Sometimes its worth saving a $ and a bit of time and taking the substitute. One of my mates is a genius at this, he knows which is the best value mobile phone provider, the best plasma to buy and somehow can wrangle an ample substitute for just about anything. He pretty much hates paying premium. I wanted to channel his philosophy and give you some cheeky sexy substitutes that are better than the real thing that will save you adding to your credit card debt.

7 Substitutes that could save you money

  1. Cooking spaghetti vs cooking instant noodles and eating vitamins
    Ok, this is going to wreck your health longterm but shortterm it can save you some time when you want to get down to it. Here are all the reasons its better:

    1. Its way faster to cook the noodles and take the pill.
    2. Its cheaper to buy korean noodles and chomp a pill
    3. Its less work to clean up and prepare the meal. Pouring hot water and swallowing a pill beats all the other hubrub you got to get up to with the spaghetti situation.
  2. War based computer games vs war

    Ultralight magazine pic of Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends
    Multiplayer computer games would be a lot cheaper to settle some wars and could even help you settle some arguments you have. Recently a website challenged their legal battle opponent to a game of Quake 3 multiplayer, Winner takes all!

  3. Dreaming about kool things vs watching them at the movies

    Hot Lima girl from Dream Wallpaper World
    – Dreams are always better than the movies. Having a sleep in on the weekend and saving yourself the movie ticket price is where the frugal movie goer is at. The best dreams are those ones where you are slightly awake and you can control what is happening in your dream! I might just leave that one there..

  4. Rekindle your ex girlfriend vs dating a new girl

    The ex will get all emotional and stuff but you are definitely going to save yourself some money. You are probably going to get breakfast in the morning too and you just might have some fun. Finding a new girl is expensive with all the dating and the time committments are huge!

  5. Run outside as opposed to going to the gym

    From MyFitTribe.com
    You might meet someone hot interesting while you are outside! I always try and force myself to introduce myself to someone everytime I go out. The gym is stinky, pricey and you get a crap view compared to being outside. There is something about chicks running outside that gets my blood pumping as opposed to a concrete wall that just bores you. Also, chicks like fit guys.

  6. Listen to all of your old music as opposed to buying new tunes

    Marta Lamovsek
    – Remember all those cd’s and tunes you used to listen to. Bust em out and just jam one into your car or computer. I find it quite uplifting and the memories just start flowing back. Special little memories like your first kiss and stuff come back and can make for a private sexy time ~~!

  7. Skype your partner vs meeting in person

    Source light_heart!

    – Ok, what do you get when you add distance + hormones + 2 people + telephone = Phone sex? Now if you multiply that with some video you get yourself into another league. Add a dash of skype and you have yourself a free and better substitute! I think thats way cheaper than travelling all that distance and paying the travel costs!

NSFW Bonus Tip

Have a strip party at home as opposed to going to a strip club

Martini art – portable spin the bottle game
Invite friends around and get them each to bring a bottle and one extra friend. You can get a whole lot more sexy and meet a lot more people when you are at a house as opposed to a strip club. From a personal finance technical nature this is called “cocooning” – recreating the experience of restaurants and bars at home. My favourite is the old strip poker combined with a bit of spin the bottle, “Spin The Poker”.

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