When should you accept a job with a company?

If a company is going places. Join it.

If its not. Don’t.

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.”

Eric Schmidt

Eric said, “Get on a rocket ship. When companies are growing quickly and they are having a lot of impact, careers take care of themselves. And when companies aren’t growing quickly or their missions don’t matter as much, that’s when stagnation and politics come in.”

Hat tip to Jeremy Cabral for sending me this amazing article.


The Frugal Fight Club: How to stay lean and…

3 to 4 times a year I go on a cancelation spree. I hack and slash everything, including the things I ‘think’ I ‘need’. This allows me to figure out which things I truly need, and which things I’m comfortable to do without. Each time my pain threshold grows stronger, and as a result I live a minimalist life.

Staff at finder have to come on the journey with me and have learned to accept that even core services might go down because you cancelled the credit card or changed PayPal details to force payments to decline.

Or even withholding credit card details to make team members think twice around whether they really need the service or software they are about to sign up for.

I trust my staff to make purchasing decisions but occasionally I’ll play the grinch to train my team how to think frugally, even if we desperately need what we are about to purchase. Sometimes it’s painful for staff especially if they feel they need something but it inspires innovation. They have to think of creative workarounds to achieve the same thing with an alternate method. It also keeps them comfortable with a level of pain and keeps them ‘hungry’ and appreciative for what we already have.

I liken it to boxers who have to have a level of being able to accept they need to fight and carry on to win, no matter how bruised, battered or bloodied up they are.

Hat tip to Jeremy Cabral for these powerful insights.


Pawnbrokers, Payday Loans and The 3rd Credit Market

I have a personal passion about pawnbroking, payday loans and what I call the 3rd credit market.

I actually love it. I find it fascinating.

There is such a high demand from the customers and lender is there to help. The balance of power is quite awkward given all of the personal circumstances that would be involved in every loan.

History is interesting of Payday Loans

Wars were funded by Payday Loans, even Christopher Columbus was funded by hocking the crown jewels!. I read this article and it opened my mind.

The novelist Charles Dickens had no high opinion of them.
”Of the numerous receptacles for misery and distress with which the streets of London unhappily abound, there are, perhaps, none which present such striking scenes as the pawnbrokers’ shops,” he wrote in the London Evening Standard in 1835.
”The very nature and description of these places occasions their being but little known, except to the unfortunate beings whose profligacy or misfortune drives them to seek the temporary relief they offer.”
Lending on portable collateral is one of the world’s oldest professions. Pawnbrokers were plying their trade in ancient Greece, Rome and China, centuries before Dickens was a boy. Traditionally symbolised by three golden balls suspended from a bar, they were the only avenue of credit open to the Victorian poor.
They’re thought to be the subject of Pop Goes the Weasel, a popular song of the 1850s. ”Popping” is slang for pawning and ”weasels” were flat irons used by poor tailors.
Pawnbrokers have also been a source of funds for the highest in the land. The British king Edward III pawned his jewels to fund his war against France in 1338. Henry V followed suit in 1415, while Isabella of Spain hocked her crown jewels to cover Columbus’ voyages.


7 Unusual Substitutes that will Save you Money

Sometimes its worth saving a $ and a bit of time and taking the substitute. One of my mates is a genius at this, he knows which is the best value mobile phone provider, the best plasma to buy and somehow can wrangle an ample substitute for just about anything. He pretty much hates paying premium. I wanted to channel his philosophy and give you some cheeky sexy substitutes that are better than the real thing that will save you adding to your credit card debt.

7 Substitutes that could save you money

  1. Cooking spaghetti vs cooking instant noodles and eating vitamins
    Ok, this is going to wreck your health longterm but shortterm it can save you some time when you want to get down to it. Here are all the reasons its better:

    1. Its way faster to cook the noodles and take the pill.
    2. Its cheaper to buy korean noodles and chomp a pill
    3. Its less work to clean up and prepare the meal. Pouring hot water and swallowing a pill beats all the other hubrub you got to get up to with the spaghetti situation.
  2. War based computer games vs war

    Ultralight magazine pic of Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends
    Multiplayer computer games would be a lot cheaper to settle some wars and could even help you settle some arguments you have. Recently a website challenged their legal battle opponent to a game of Quake 3 multiplayer, Winner takes all!

  3. Dreaming about kool things vs watching them at the movies

    Hot Lima girl from Dream Wallpaper World
    – Dreams are always better than the movies. Having a sleep in on the weekend and saving yourself the movie ticket price is where the frugal movie goer is at. The best dreams are those ones where you are slightly awake and you can control what is happening in your dream! I might just leave that one there..

  4. Rekindle your ex girlfriend vs dating a new girl

    The ex will get all emotional and stuff but you are definitely going to save yourself some money. You are probably going to get breakfast in the morning too and you just might have some fun. Finding a new girl is expensive with all the dating and the time committments are huge!

  5. Run outside as opposed to going to the gym

    You might meet someone hot interesting while you are outside! I always try and force myself to introduce myself to someone everytime I go out. The gym is stinky, pricey and you get a crap view compared to being outside. There is something about chicks running outside that gets my blood pumping as opposed to a concrete wall that just bores you. Also, chicks like fit guys.

  6. Listen to all of your old music as opposed to buying new tunes

    Marta Lamovsek
    – Remember all those cd’s and tunes you used to listen to. Bust em out and just jam one into your car or computer. I find it quite uplifting and the memories just start flowing back. Special little memories like your first kiss and stuff come back and can make for a private sexy time ~~!

  7. Skype your partner vs meeting in person

    Source light_heart!

    – Ok, what do you get when you add distance + hormones + 2 people + telephone = Phone sex? Now if you multiply that with some video you get yourself into another league. Add a dash of skype and you have yourself a free and better substitute! I think thats way cheaper than travelling all that distance and paying the travel costs!

NSFW Bonus Tip

Have a strip party at home as opposed to going to a strip club

Martini art – portable spin the bottle game
Invite friends around and get them each to bring a bottle and one extra friend. You can get a whole lot more sexy and meet a lot more people when you are at a house as opposed to a strip club. From a personal finance technical nature this is called “cocooning” – recreating the experience of restaurants and bars at home. My favourite is the old strip poker combined with a bit of spin the bottle, “Spin The Poker”.


How to Delay Payments like a Boss

Delay Payments
Paying your bills on time is crucial as it keeps money flowing around the economy. But there are times where you may need to delay a few payments temporarily in order to stay in business and survive. I am assuming you will pay all of your bills eventually, I am not suggesting for you to never pay.

Collecting money is crucial, but paying it out all at once can also kill your business. The best way to managing this is to establish payment terms that you pay for items and sometimes you just need to delay payments because you just don’t have the money. Delaying a payment can be quite uncomfortable and almost awkward in business because of circumstances or a relationship. Regardless, sometimes it just has to be done as you need to wait a little longer to get the money.

Top 9 justifications to delay a payment

Note: Some of these might require a bit of a confidence in your tone of voice, its crucial to be firm and logical when delaying a payment.

  1. Misplaced Invoice – You have misplaced your invoice and you need another copy. Sometimes invoices get misplaced.. especially big ones.
    1. Dialogue: “Please can you resend the invoice.”
  2. Approval problem – The people who need to approve the invoice haven’t done it yet. Sometimes there is more than one person that needs to approve an invoice before its paid in big organisations.
    1. Dialogue: “The person who needs to sign that invoice off is not in the office”
  3. Mail Delivery problems – Mail is inherently unreliable and sometimes things just don’t come through or get lost when there has been wet weather. Either the invoice hasnt come through or your cheque you have sent hasnt gotten there yet.
    1. Dialogue: (Assuming: The invoice has been sent in the mail) “I havent received that yet, we have been having some mail problems are you able to resend that invoice?”
  4. Technical Systems are down – Payment systems normally hold all of the information about particular payments and their payment details. If they are down then there is no way to make payment unfortunately.
    1. Dialogue: “I will need to check this invoice off against our PO System which unfortunately is unavailable.”
  5. Someone else is responsible – If you have multiple people in your organisation then you might not be responsible for the actual payments. Someone else might be! Handballing to a different person who is actually responsible for payments can buy you some time.
    1. Dialogue: “That’s Mike that looks after that, I will send this through to him for you so he can give you an update.”
  6. The invoice has missed the Pay-run – A pay-run is normally all done on a specific day during the week to make things more efficient. Paying invoices on all different days throughout the week creates some serious time burn chopping and changing between tasks. Instead, do a pay-run, the day which the pay-run occurs might change, but its all done at once.
    1. Dialogue: “Unfortunately the Pay-run has already gone you will have to wait till next week. I will get you scheduled in for next week.”
  7. Increase the size of the pay-run – Changing the pay runs for once a week to once a month will buy you some more time.
    1. Dialogue: “Ah we do our pay-runs each month now and so your payment date will likely be the 5th of September. Sorry to give you late notice on this change but it should be consistent for you going forward.”
  8. Not in the office – The person who actually makes all the payments might not be in the office every single day of the week. This means that when they come in which might be next week, you can then make the payment.
    1. Dialogue: “I am only in the office once a week, I will look at it next week.”
  9. Changing the form of payment – Asking if you can pay with a credit card as opposed to EFT might cause difficulties at a suppliers end. Usually they prefer EFT because there are less fees. Although, confirming in your organisation on the way the invoice is paid can help buy you a little more time. You need to know that they don’t normally accept credit cards before trying this one.
    1. Dialogue: “Do you accept credit card as a form of payment?” If, yes or no say, “I will need to confirm this with your superiors/partner if they are ok with this.”

Obviously the best way to ensure you pay on time with your suppliers is to have plenty of cash in the bank, but managing your payment times can really help smooth that out.


31 minute chat with me about life insurance

Hey, Im just looking to have a quick chat about life insurance with people who already dont have it but might be interested in it or might not be interested in it!

just pop your details in the form below and I will give you a tinkle 😉


12 Badass Songs about Money: Blinging, Problems and Living

Songs about Money Image

7 Songs about Fast money and a Badass lifestyle with Money!

1. Love, Sex American Express

This is a wicked song with a great beat and superb simple lyrics. I love how it represents the fast money lifestyle by making American Express sexy.

2. I wanna be a billionaire

Who wants to be a millionaire these days? Too many millionaires in the world now.. You wanna be a billionaire. The “B” is where its at. Who cares about “M”. A millionaire was 80s but a billionaire is 2011’s version of success. “Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen.” I’ve seen 86 million billionaires in Vietnam, inflation makes you a millionaire.

3. Money – By Pink Floyd

Badass Pink Floyd bust out a wicked tune all about money. Getta a good job with tall pay and your… OOkk. “Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash!”

4. Dire Straits – Money for Nothing

Who else wants money for nothing and their chicks for free. This badass song embodys the 80s fast money cash cash lifestyle. I love the complete disregard for hard work in this song.

5. Jet – Get me outta here

Jet sings about taking all their money out of the bank and heading to L.A. He’s sacking the man because the man is a theif! Sometimes you just gotta do something wild and money fuels that binge.

6. Joe Walsh – Life’s been good.

Joe sings about just being badass, tearing up hotel rooms and having his accountants pay for it all. I like his reflective look at his fast money lifestyle. He’s got a mansion and others tell him its nice!

7. Miami 2 Ibiza – Swedish House Mafia Vs Tinie Tempah

This song is just so fast paced and living a insanely fast paced lifestyle. “She likes my black BM, I like her white TT.” Flying private jets and going on private boats from Miami to Ibiza is where its at! I love the part where they dive into the water and take the camera with them.

5 Tunes about Problems with money

1. Gold Digger – Kanye West and Jamie Foxxe

Taking care of 4 kids with the gold digger! Feels really southern America, watching out for the woman thats there just for the money

2. Mo Money Mo Problems – Notorious B.I.G

The more cash he gets the more problems he has! So true.

3. Taxman – The Beatles

I love the taxman, but for some reason The Beatles just arent mates with him? “1 for you and 19 for me!” “TAXMAN!!!” “Don’t ask me what I want it for, if you don’t want to pay some more.” What do you think of the taxman?

4. Bluesky mine – Midnight Oil

Living in an isolated town you are dependent on the only company in town to live. How you gonna keep the engines going? With the sweat of your brow of course.

5. The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

I really like how the gambler drinks his last drink, bums a cigarette and a light.. he didnt even have a light let alone a cigarette. And only then he tells him a story. His face goes pale and then he tells him some advice. Love that there is a price for everything.


The button that left $10,000 on the table

There is one key thing all webpages need that will make you thousands of dollars every time. Its something so simple but can make or break your campaigns. Let me tell you a story before I let you in on the $10,000 secret.

Would HP leave money on the table?
I have been researching computers recently and noticed on our friendly SmartCompany site a banner ad for HP. See below:

Latest banner ad campaign with pocket hard disk offer got me excited

Essentially you can get a Free 160GB pocket media drive for any order of a specific notebook or desktop. I clicked through and looked at the landing page to see what types of models this would come with. The page loaded up and I could see the offer presented nicely.

The HP landing page for the user to get details and purchase

Landing page of HP special offer
To be honest I wasn’t ready to buy because I wanted to see how much it would cost to ship so I decided I would add it to my cart and checkout till it calculated my shipping price. Unfortunately, HP left me hanging and didn’t give me a button to add it to my cart.

The secret revealed
So there is one button that prevented HP from making their sales. Just like HP have left money on the table do you have a money button on all pages?

Money buttons
Money buttons mean different things to users, its important to connect the action you want them to take with the text on the button. This plays into what convention has taught people and increases your conversion rate.

  • Buy now – And easy action to take which also includes some time pressure.
  • Apply now – Not everyone can join this particular item and instead you are required to apply.
  • Free Instant Download – Get this whitepaper for free, immediately and straight to your computer. No need to wait for the boys at the snail mail factory.
  • Book Now – There are quite a few people and tend to be limited places so you will need to register your interest. Usually a confirmation will come back after this.
  • Apply online – Complete a form but do it online, there is no offline method to get this benefit.