1. Microsoft Word could be leveraged to Bing’s advantage
Imagine if Microsoft scraped all of the word docs that are produced with its program and analysed the data. That could potentially provide an amazing starting point to the human lexicon. This would help them improve their n-graph algorithm. If they also analysed what anchor text was [...]

Is Your Online Marketing Becoming Obsolete?
Have you seen Microsoft Surface? If not spend 1 minute and be wowed by their video demonstrations.
Microsoft Surface Videos
So where does that leave your online marketing? Should you start researching how you are going to market to this new platform? Is your online marketing obsolete? Where does it fit in [...]

MSN has decided to take up arms against a sea of YouTube traffic. The Soapbox system is only in its beta version although I am already sceptical of it. If Soapbox Beta functions anything like the previous versions of windows we might be seeing blue screens on our movies. Hey only time will tell how [...]

Google vs Microsoft

Lets face reality. Google probably wrote its word documents on Microsoft. It probably opens up Microsoft every morning on most of its PC’s. In the big technology swinging Silicon Valley right now I think everyone is kidding itself if it doesnt realise that Google is trying to take over every single piece of Microsofts turf.
Google [...]


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