Why doesn’t the Tax Office send “Thank You” notes?

Paying taxes is one of the most ungratifying process because you never get a thank you for the money you pay. Everywhere else in the world where you pay money you tend to get a thank you. The blood sweat and tears you have put into working to earn that money that you pay to the tax office deserves a thank you.

The smallest gesture like that would dramatically increase its NPS score and actually turn a lot of people from hating them to thinking they were ok and fair.


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  • Alistair Lattimore

    Given that the ATO knows a lot about each person, such as what state and region they live in – I could easily see them changing that messaging to say thank you and remind them that their taxes matter. For example, something like the following would be pretty cool “Thank you for paying your taxes, they will help with X” where X might be construction of a Federal/State funded thing near them.

  • Fred Schebesta

    Alistair, that is pure brilliance, I would actually then enjoy paying my taxes.

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