Video Marketing David Ogilvy Style

Thank you to Efrain for finding this superb video by David Ogilvy. I love the straight up no fuss way Ogilvy says it. I would also have to agree that if you substituted the words words “Direct Marketing” for “Online Marketing” although I would leave the “Direct Response” words in there to call David our Ambassador of Online Marketing.

Give this video to your branding colleagues for a laugh at least.

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  • Linda Loose

    Hi Fred – just have to thank you for the walk down Ogilvy memory lane!

    That video was my bible when you were in nappies and I was at O&M Direct New York in the 80’s. And I’ll never forget the man himself tearing strips off me when I was running the Chicago DM agency, and suggested to him that perhaps direct marketers had a little bit to learn from brand marketers too.

    How much has changed – and how little!


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