Market Research & Consumer Insights 2007

Do You Learn Best At Seminars? Are you Struggling with Consumer Insights?

When you can sit in a crowded room can you point out who your customers are just by looking at them and listening to a few random conversations? That is when you are 100% in tune with what your consumers are thinking, marketers call these consumer insights. Once you hit that pinnacle of understanding its easy to market your product because your ads talk straight to what your target market is thinking. They also stop being your target market and more just become your mates. You know them. You don’t need to guess. You can here me speak at the Consumer Insights event and I recommend attending if you are struggling to get into the mind of your customers.

Hey, I am the first speaker at the event and I am going to be pulling out some of my secret golden stash of tricks and tactics of how I get consumer insights!

Here are some more details:

25th – 27th June 2007
The IMAX Theatre Complex, Sydney

Optimising Market Research & Translating Insights for Bottom Line Results

Market Research and Consumer Insights 2007 is the next in IIR’s successful marketing series. It has been specifically produced to provide you with a perspective on Australia’s challenges and innovative approach to shopper segmentation, research methods and analyzing and translating insights into fresh marketing strategies.

The most significant issues across industry will be addressed, including retail initiatives, collaboration & co-creation, market research fundamentals and fundamentals of quantitative methods.

Key speaker include:
• Lisa Wellington, Senior Manager, Marketing Science – Knowledge & Insights, The Coca-Cola Company – United States
• Peter Davenport, Head of Consumer Insights, Sensis
• Fred Schebesta, 2006 ADMA Australian Young Direct Marketer of the Year, 2006, Director, Freestyle Media
• Chris Dawson, National Strategy Manger, Australian Radio Network
• Yu Dan Shi, Head of Marketing, Harris Technology
• Sam Plowman, General Manager, Fairfax Digital Online Real Estate
• Colin McLeod, General Manager – Marketing & Communications, AFL
• Camilla Kimpton, Consumer Insights and Effectiveness Manager – Petcare , Masterfoods Australia and New Zealand
• Simon Curry, Group Manager Communications and Media, Intel Australia
• Sue Murray, Chief Executive Officer, National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia
• Jennifer Reddington, Consumer Insights Manager, Yahoo! 7
• Simon Hammond, Chairman, SEE, Author, ‘Be Brands’ & ‘All It Takes to be Successful In Business (And Life)’
• John Mathews, Resident Research & Consumer Insights Expert, Landor

3 practical, expert led workshops:
• Leveraging on consumer segmentation to optimise research methods
• Advanced Techniques and ROMI – The Coke Side of Global ROMI
• Advanced tools to translate consumer insights into innovative marketing and product development strategies

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to debate and discuss all the key issues in the field of Market Research & Consumer Insights – register today!

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Tel (02) 9080 4090
Fax: (02) 9299 3109
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