I didn’t vote for Julia Guillard and more than half of Australia didnt either but now you are going to have to pay her.

Forcing people to pay the flood tax is killing the recognition of all the Australians who give voluntarily

If Julia just took her beak out of the Australian’s pockets and let them donate or help out on their own free will. 2 things would happen:

  1. More money would go to those who need it
  2. More money would come from those who can afford it
  3. It would cost the government less to rebuild because people would be happy to oblige and help.
  4. People who donate and help would get the recognition they deserve as opposed to be forced to give

When you are forced to give, like when you pay your personal taxes, you don’t enjoy it and you don’t feel any recognition for the hardwork you put in to build the roads, schools and hospitals. A thank you note would be nice from the taxman, you do pay his salary and all his mates which help collect the money.

  • Are you going to get any recognition when you hand over a 1% levy? No.
  • Are you going to feel that its actually going to the people in need? No.
  • Are we better off that we have someone intervening in a process which would happen naturally? No.

One thing which really struck a cord with me was Joel’s piece about how Australians naturally help their mates. More so Australians naturally help each other and don’t need to be coerced to do it. I saw that in the fires in Sydney in the 90’s and I see it at the beach all the time, when something goes wrong.

Why we never wanted and don’t want Julia Gillard anymore

When Julia Gillard was campaigning she kept using these types of words:

These are all dangerous thoughts.

What do we need to change in Australia? – The country is fine. Everythings actually pretty amazing. Anyone who screams about change and leadership together is looking to take control. We dont want more control in Australia. We already have the government in our ears, eyes and pocket. We don’t want a your plan, we have our own plans.

Fundamentally, we don’t need you, Julia or any other government to control us and guide us. We can do it ourselves.

We can clean up the flood damage, just like we already have mate to mate. Just how we did in other tragedies. I am saddened at Julia’s quest for control and her disbelief in the fundamental Australian quality of mateship.

Stop fighting for the plan you want to impose on us Julia, we don’t want you to control us. To tax us more. To spend our money. We can do it ourselves and we won’t need to pay as many government officials salaries along the way to do it. Do you want to be handing over your house’s title because the government needs it. Save your house, save your freedom and get rid of Julia.

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