George Bush Killed America

It only just dawned upon me that I lived through the last great years of America before George Bush killed it. Puppetted by the big capitalists, who like in Robinhood wanted to squeeze every last dollar out of people even if they die, George Bush drove it into the ground. He killed the a great empire which will now, never be spoken of as the most powerful nation on earth. America had a great rein after they were the only functioning country post World War 2. Did some amazing things, like put men on the moon. But greed broke them and like the British Empire, their guns will crumble and break like sand into the sea.

While the Americans are stumbling there is a new powerhouse growing in Asia. Its not a Military Bully like America, who punched up and invaded the Germans, Koreans, Vietnamese, Japanese and the Iraqies, its an Economic Bully. The Chinese own America. They don’t need to invade the country because they already own it. Why invade a place when you are making money and you control it, just let it keep stumbling and ticking over while you profit and grow stronger. Its a lot easier to build amazing guns when you have a lot of money!

When you wake up from your chinese made sheets and put your chinese made clothes on your back in the morning and eat breakfast sitting on your chinese made chair, think about who owns you. I love chinese people, always have and always will. They are hard workers, educated, smart and I want to aspire to be more chinese as I grow. They have sat in the dark long enough and like Sun Tsu said “He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious. “

To the men who sit in the dark and surrounded you Georgie, “You did a good job for a while there. But you needed to listen to some of the other people when they were singing out advice.”

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