How to

Say No more often

“I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying ‘no’ to 1000 things.”

Hat tip to to Jonathan for his insights.

How to

Fuck Normal

Normal is the most offensive word in the english language.

Calling someone normal is the dirtiest word I can think of.

Requesting someone to be normal is unforgiveable.

What is normal?

Normal is:

  • Woolworths
  • Channel 9
  • Checking Facebook 5 times a day
  • Facebook itself. (If your friends don’t call you because you aren’t on Facebook. They aren’t your friends.)
  • Soft Drinks
  • Pizza Hut
  • Tooheys New
  • Rent
  • Credit card debt
  • Corn flakes
  • Sydney
  • Hangovers
  • Big tv and small business book library (Big Tv, Small Business.)
  • Computer games
  • RedTube
  • Public schools
  • Medicare
  • Public hospitals
  • PAYG
  • 2 holidays a year
  • Frequent flyer points
  • Economy seating
  • Foxtel
  • NRL
  • Disney
  • Fitness first
  • Christmas presents
  • Fly spray
  • Washing detergent
  • Petrol prices
  • The current big tv series
  • Tourist traps
  • Souvenirs
  • McDonalds
  • Mars bars

That is not want you want to choose.

Choose “Different”.

You don’t want to be stuck in a rut and repeat the same things over and over again. Move forward and open up your life to new things, consider these past things as done:

  • Get drunk in your 20s because its fun
  • Do it still to have fun in your 30s because its easy and helps you forget your dreams.
  • Play Computer games to escape your fears and dreams.
  • Take the easy route.
  • Dream about the future but just piss it away everyday
  • Tell yourself can’ts when really you are just making other choices and you can.
  • Forget what you chose in your life and put the blame on everything and everyone else but yourself.
  • Choose normal and compromise your dreams and emotions so that you are ok with it.

There is another option.

Choose the life you want. Never compromise and never forget until you get it. Persist against all resistance until you get it, then grab on to it with all of your energy and life and never let go. Its not easy and other people are going to pull you back down to where you were, but that is the path to not being “Normal”. That is the path to greatness, so that you can look back in 25 years time and go, I made a Great choice in not going down that path.


Stop Julia Guillard’s Flood Tax and Keep Your Freedom

I didn’t vote for Julia Guillard and more than half of Australia didnt either but now you are going to have to pay her.

Forcing people to pay the flood tax is killing the recognition of all the Australians who give voluntarily

If Julia just took her beak out of the Australian’s pockets and let them donate or help out on their own free will. 2 things would happen:

  1. More money would go to those who need it
  2. More money would come from those who can afford it
  3. It would cost the government less to rebuild because people would be happy to oblige and help.
  4. People who donate and help would get the recognition they deserve as opposed to be forced to give

When you are forced to give, like when you pay your personal taxes, you don’t enjoy it and you don’t feel any recognition for the hardwork you put in to build the roads, schools and hospitals. A thank you note would be nice from the taxman, you do pay his salary and all his mates which help collect the money.

  • Are you going to get any recognition when you hand over a 1% levy? No.
  • Are you going to feel that its actually going to the people in need? No.
  • Are we better off that we have someone intervening in a process which would happen naturally? No.

One thing which really struck a cord with me was Joel’s piece about how Australians naturally help their mates. More so Australians naturally help each other and don’t need to be coerced to do it. I saw that in the fires in Sydney in the 90’s and I see it at the beach all the time, when something goes wrong.

Why we never wanted and don’t want Julia Gillard anymore

When Julia Gillard was campaigning she kept using these types of words:

These are all dangerous thoughts.

What do we need to change in Australia? – The country is fine. Everythings actually pretty amazing. Anyone who screams about change and leadership together is looking to take control. We dont want more control in Australia. We already have the government in our ears, eyes and pocket. We don’t want a your plan, we have our own plans.

Fundamentally, we don’t need you, Julia or any other government to control us and guide us. We can do it ourselves.

We can clean up the flood damage, just like we already have mate to mate. Just how we did in other tragedies. I am saddened at Julia’s quest for control and her disbelief in the fundamental Australian quality of mateship.

Stop fighting for the plan you want to impose on us Julia, we don’t want you to control us. To tax us more. To spend our money. We can do it ourselves and we won’t need to pay as many government officials salaries along the way to do it. Do you want to be handing over your house’s title because the government needs it. Save your house, save your freedom and get rid of Julia.


George Bush Killed America

It only just dawned upon me that I lived through the last great years of America before George Bush killed it. Puppetted by the big capitalists, who like in Robinhood wanted to squeeze every last dollar out of people even if they die, George Bush drove it into the ground. He killed the a great empire which will now, never be spoken of as the most powerful nation on earth. America had a great rein after they were the only functioning country post World War 2. Did some amazing things, like put men on the moon. But greed broke them and like the British Empire, their guns will crumble and break like sand into the sea.

While the Americans are stumbling there is a new powerhouse growing in Asia. Its not a Military Bully like America, who punched up and invaded the Germans, Koreans, Vietnamese, Japanese and the Iraqies, its an Economic Bully. The Chinese own America. They don’t need to invade the country because they already own it. Why invade a place when you are making money and you control it, just let it keep stumbling and ticking over while you profit and grow stronger. Its a lot easier to build amazing guns when you have a lot of money!

When you wake up from your chinese made sheets and put your chinese made clothes on your back in the morning and eat breakfast sitting on your chinese made chair, think about who owns you. I love chinese people, always have and always will. They are hard workers, educated, smart and I want to aspire to be more chinese as I grow. They have sat in the dark long enough and like Sun Tsu said “He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious. “

To the men who sit in the dark and surrounded you Georgie, “You did a good job for a while there. But you needed to listen to some of the other people when they were singing out advice.”


Inspiration is the cure for Depression

Inspiration is the cure for Depression

Persistence at something is how you achieve it. But every now again you feel a bit down and just get confused as to why you are persisting at what you are doing. I have found that at these times it will take something quite revolutionary to change this. Something will just snap you out of that feeling of being stuck in mud. Some people call it depression, but you might feel that is a bit of a strong word to attach to your feelings, so lets just say you are feeling depressed, but not clinically depressed that you are taking negative actions on yourself.

Inspiration cures depression
Personally I go in swings and round abouts, my mood goes from “Allan Bond unscrewing the America’s Cup to hoist it above his head!” to “I might just go back to sleep even though I have been sleeping for 14 hours. At least I can ignore the telephone that way.” Usually when I find myself in the down patches I know and can eventually self assess that I am a little depressed. Usually I am self aware and start asking myself, “Why are you feeling down?” As a logicaly person I can figure that out can’t I. Sometimes I can, by sometimes, unfortunately, I just can’t seem to figure it out. The logical side of me becomes stumped and I fall back into a shallow pool of waiting and passing time by. I consider myself quite a motivated person and when I see myself like that I get confused.

What I have realised is that when I feel a bit depressed, the best thing to do is to inject yourself with a bit of external motivation. Normally people who have done something amazing call it their “inspiration”. If you are feeling down, get your hands on some material with some super powerful motivation in it. The thing about online marketing is that it can get lonely, sitting by yourself for 8 months can take the wind from your sails every now and again. Things can get really tough when you lose focus of your vision. This is where you need to make a little reboot.

5 ways to inspire yourself out of depression

1. Watch an inspirational movie – “The Last lecture”, Randy Pausch was dying of pancreatic cancer and gave this speech on “How to achieve your childhood dreams.” The twist at the end will get you.

Other inspirational movies: The Aviator, A beautiful mind and Fightclub.
2. Read an inspirational book – These are the books that inspired me to create Freestyle Media. Richard Branson’s autobiography, John Singleton’s autobiography “Singo” and the book “How to win friends and influence people” helped me get there. I have heard that “Get the edge” by Tony Robbins is good too.
3. Hang out with your grandparents – For some reason they can give you truths that you can’t see at present and it will help give you clarity about the future.
4. Meet someone inspirational and talk to them – Sometimes I have spoken with people who I thought were gods, and they caused me to go home and double my efforts. Some of these people included: Michael Kiely, Wayne Kingston, Peter Steele and Jessica Schebesta.
5. Go back over old photos and notes – Reminiscing helps you see where you have been and gives you a point of reference on where you want to go.


My experiences with getting Married & Divorced

I thought that getting married was an honourable thing to do and given most people did it, I thought it was for me.

But I really felt very little after getting married.

Over many years, I realised that it wasnt really for me and I complied with society and didnt cut my own path. 

Cutting my own path has always been more of a way I live my life, and this was a major lesson I learnt when I got divorced in 2015. 


An Online Marketing Success Story of Adopting Sheep

Sheep Starving
“Adopt me?”

Here is a story that is happening right now. My friend Michael Kiely has a farm full of sheep, and unless you have been living under a rock you will know that there is no water its dryer than my mouth when I wake up in the morning after a tough night boozing. So what he decided to do was allow people to adopt his sheep! (

This new campaign has been spurred by using email marketing to Michael’s Thought Of The Day list (A golden read), A great blog, Some serious blog posting, Some press releases and a good bit of old follow-up and some good old Word Of Mouth.

Michael’s PR was so successful that he was on the Channel 7 News!!

Adopt A Sheep On the Homepage of Yahoo!7 News. Video Story about Adopt a Sheep