When did you quit facebook?

When you quit facebook, its like you regain your life. Its like in the Wall-E movie when the humans stop being controlled by the computers. People go back outside for the first time and rediscover the world.

Facebook should pay us to use their website and for us to store our personal data there

My friend Adam Pryor came up with this idea at the start of July 2014. It rocked me, because I truely believe if enough people got together and said, “We are all going to leave Facebook unless you pay us to keep our data with you.” I think Facebook would cave. We dont want to handover our data and be spammed, we want to own our data, because in 2014, if you dont own your own data, you don’t own yourself. You are a slave, someone else owns you and makes money out of you.

People are rediscovering the Internet

Categorically, people are going to quit facebook and talk about it to their friends. I left facebook in 2012, when it started hassling me and I realised they are taking my life and commercialising it.

What will people do after they leave facebook?

They will rediscover the internet.

They will visit niche blogs, write and actually switch off from the internet and meet people in person that they actually know. They might join forums, build new things on the internet and leave the sanitized environment that is facebook.

Welcome back from facebook everyone. Its good to have you back.

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