The Most Beautiful Question Ever

One night, you are out driving in a remote area that is far from the city.  Its an extremely cold and stormy night, with rain and hail coming down.  You pass a bus-stop in the middle of nowhere and notice that there are 3 people huddled together, sheltering under it.  You can only pick 1 of them up in your car, as it is a2 seater.  The region is so remote that calling for help would be futile. The question is…which of the following 3 people would you pick up?

The first person is the love of your life.  If you leave them there, then you are guaranteed to lose your soul-mate and never find true romantic happiness. The second person is a 40-something year old lady who you do not know.  She is bleeding to death, and unless you pick her up – she will surely die (The area is too remote to call an ambulance).The third person is your best friend.  He has saved your life in the past and this could be your one chance to pay him back.

So who do you pick up and Why?

Put your answer in the comments below.

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  • Frank

    I would pick up none of them. I would leave the car at the bus stop and start up a rotation with 2 in , 2 out. I would prefer my girl to be with me, and I’d leave my best friend and the 40 y/o in the car for the other times. Then I would wait patiently for the bus to come in the morning!

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