Inspiration is the cure for Depression

Inspiration is the cure for Depression

Persistence at something is how you achieve it. But every now again you feel a bit down and just get confused as to why you are persisting at what you are doing. I have found that at these times it will take something quite revolutionary to change this. Something will just snap you out of that feeling of being stuck in mud. Some people call it depression, but you might feel that is a bit of a strong word to attach to your feelings, so lets just say you are feeling depressed, but not clinically depressed that you are taking negative actions on yourself.

Inspiration cures depression
Personally I go in swings and round abouts, my mood goes from “Allan Bond unscrewing the America’s Cup to hoist it above his head!” to “I might just go back to sleep even though I have been sleeping for 14 hours. At least I can ignore the telephone that way.” Usually when I find myself in the down patches I know and can eventually self assess that I am a little depressed. Usually I am self aware and start asking myself, “Why are you feeling down?” As a logicaly person I can figure that out can’t I. Sometimes I can, by sometimes, unfortunately, I just can’t seem to figure it out. The logical side of me becomes stumped and I fall back into a shallow pool of waiting and passing time by. I consider myself quite a motivated person and when I see myself like that I get confused.

What I have realised is that when I feel a bit depressed, the best thing to do is to inject yourself with a bit of external motivation. Normally people who have done something amazing call it their “inspiration”. If you are feeling down, get your hands on some material with some super powerful motivation in it. The thing about online marketing is that it can get lonely, sitting by yourself for 8 months can take the wind from your sails every now and again. Things can get really tough when you lose focus of your vision. This is where you need to make a little reboot.

5 ways to inspire yourself out of depression

1. Watch an inspirational movie – “The Last lecture”, Randy Pausch was dying of pancreatic cancer and gave this speech on “How to achieve your childhood dreams.” The twist at the end will get you.

Other inspirational movies: The Aviator, A beautiful mind and Fightclub.
2. Read an inspirational book – These are the books that inspired me to create Freestyle Media. Richard Branson’s autobiography, John Singleton’s autobiography “Singo” and the book “How to win friends and influence people” helped me get there. I have heard that “Get the edge” by Tony Robbins is good too.
3. Hang out with your grandparents – For some reason they can give you truths that you can’t see at present and it will help give you clarity about the future.
4. Meet someone inspirational and talk to them – Sometimes I have spoken with people who I thought were gods, and they caused me to go home and double my efforts. Some of these people included: Michael Kiely, Wayne Kingston, Peter Steele and Jessica Schebesta.
5. Go back over old photos and notes – Reminiscing helps you see where you have been and gives you a point of reference on where you want to go.

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