Why Challenge your Status Quo?

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I want to inspire you to change your status quo. I have come to the personal conclusion that I live to challenge the status quo. I like to innovate and change what everyone considers to be normal, and set the new standard. In order to change what is normal you must innovate. You must persistently simplify, solve and create “New”, in order to find a better solution and to set the new standard of normality. Reset the status quo. I want to share with you some deep rooted ideas I have inside me about challenging the status quo.

Why should you challenge your status quo?

  • Our world is crumbling – Fundamentally, everything around you is slowly crumbling. Even yourself, your DNA is slowly crumbling. Every 2 weeks your body replaces all of its cells, in the process of replicating it misses a greater and greater % of chromosomes when it replicates. And slowly over time these misses become more pronounced. We usually see that when someone ages. The base state which you exist is changing. In order to adapt, you need to change. Put plans in place to change so that you no longer need to worry about that thing that is crumbling. Stop being reliant on it. Innovate and change your status quo.
  • You live in version 1.0 – Conceptualise your life and everything that you have, do and experience and accept it is version 1.0. Version 1.1 is right there, but to experience it you must innovate and change. And that is scary and hard. You can either accept your life crumbling slowly or you change the status quo.
  • Innovation is the cure to plagiarism – Are you being copied? Do people just copy you? Don’t be the victim. Change your status quo. Create something unreplicable. Challenge your ability to innovate and be remarkable and unique. Innovate past what the copycats can do, to get to a place where it is too much work to copy and the talent required isn’t easy to replicate.

Challenge everything around you, never stop and always be innovating. Mastin gives a really practical way to approach this:

“Imagine yourself 50 years from now looking back on today. Take the point of view of 50 years from now and look back. What things did you believe simply because “the status quo” was to think that way. What things did you think might be impossible for you that you now regret not doing? What did you really WISH you had done 50 years ago that it is now impossible for you to do?

What did you KNOW in your heart was true, but were too afraid to admit and pursue? What love did you miss out on? What crazy things did you believe back then that you would NEVER believe now?

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