Business Books that are my Pillars of Thinking

These are the books that I have read that have influenced deeply my thinking:

  • Topgrading – Hiring, selecting and performance management. Hire A and A+ players. Make a team to go to the moon of A players. If you were going to the moon, would you have this person on your team?
  • One minute manager – Managing people – setting expectations, catching people doing good things and reprimanding. How to get the most out of people.
  • High Output management – Andy Grove – The core of managing a company. This is a very very heavy book to read but strongly suggest you pick and choose topics to read that are relevant to what you need in the moment.

Currently reading

  • The hard thing about hard things – Ben Horowitz – Former Netscape executive – Student of Andy Grove. Apparently one of the greatest managers since Andy. Learn from the greats is my thinking.

Oh by the way, if you want to buy these, use a promo code to save a few dollars. Thats fine if you don’t aswell.

Tell me your list of  books?

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