Politicians Aren’t Jesus

Really inspirational video by Dave Ramsey!

“You are not a victim! You’re a hero.”

When we saw the Pelicans, penguins and dolphins the first question was:
“Are those real?”

I heard it from other kids too!
Kids are so used to robots and computers and technology that they think they are just human made.

I stopped for a moment when they first said it and I could literally see them being not real. [...]

How do most entrepreneurs make money

Like this:

Here are some interesting articles that I am reading or have read:

How your experiences are effecting your genes and your families experiences have effected yours. http://discovermagazine.com/2013/may/13-grandmas-experiences-leave-epigenetic-mark-on-your-genes
Quantity of ideas at the beginning is key over quality of ideas -> Then refine them. https://blog.intercom.io/two-product-principles-often-forgotten/
About the asana rebrand – https://medium.com/bridge-collection/circling-ourselves-the-story-behind-asana-s-rebrand-e8247516705a#.1f487aawh
[Video] A whole chunk of solid leadership talks – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPwXeg8ThWI&list=PLodenrxUeZpca7q7yHaLz0kSyyMqYxZm_
[Video] Leadership [...]

On Innovation

These are a collection of really powerful pieces and reads that I think a solid innovator needs to consume:

Jeff Bezos about how he keeps Amazon innovating: http://www.geekwire.com/2011/amazons-bezos-innovation/
In a way, that is like the nicest compliment I’ve ever gotten. First of all, I think we have gotten pretty lucky recently. You should anticipate a certain amount [...]

How to have new experiences when travelling

Say “Yes” to opportunities presented to you.

If someone invites you to something, –> Just say “Yes”.
If you see an opportunity, –> Just say “Yes”.
If you have idea to try something, –> Just say “Yes”.

The trick to being truly creative

“The trick to being truly creative, I’ve always maintained, is to be completely unselfconscious. To resist the urge to self-censor. To not-give-a-shit what anybody thinks. That’s why children are so good at it. And why people with Volkswagens, and mortgages, Personal Equity Plans and matching Louis Vuitton luggage are not.”
Stop giving a shit what other [...]

4 Ads that make me so emotional, I cry..

1. What a mum does for their children around the world.

2. Make a miracle happen for someone.

3. Forget the past. Call your dad.

4. Acts of great kindness come from the least likely person.

My hat is off to this great advertising. I remember these ads because I was so emotionally effected.

Fred Schebesta’s Values

I have been recently really inspired with what Kate Horman is doing over at her blog and the personal journey of growth she is going through and one of those parts was that of stating and aligning herself to a values based life. I got thinking and realised that I have needed to write these [...]

How to actually solve environmental problems

This is how you solve the carbon dioxide problem on the earth.
These are the steps you need to take to solve any environmental problem on earth.

Get a business to solve the problem and make money.
Get the government to support the business. Tesla has had quite a bit of financial help from the US government.
Let the [...]

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