Google Censorship the 411

I use the term “the 411” a lot and I just want to explain what it means. Essentially in America instead of dialing telstra for information you dial 411. So I use 411 losely to mean “getting the inside word or information”.

Ok, so whats the deal with all this Google China censorship thing. I thought they were kidding around but they are actually really serious. I thought I would give it a whirl myself and decided to log in to the old china google and compare it with the AU google. I decided to use the keyword “tiananmen”. Here are some results:

Here is the Google Images results for US

I can see some tanks and people getting squashed. 1 man versus an army.

Here are the Google Images results for China

I am seeing happy happy joy joy images of people touring in Tiananmen Square. Hmm… Perhaps that little rumour of what happened in the square was just a lie.

I think this is a great example of how valuable and powerful the internet is to communicate information. It also shows how people get their information these days and if you want to censor that you are going to have to do that online aswell now. If anyone who is reading this article wants me to censor it just post a comment.

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