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Google’s Matt Cutts explains ALT attributes for images

Google’s Matt Cutts recently posted a video about how to use ALT attributes for images The ALT attribute provides alternative or substitute text, for use when the image cannot be seen by a visually impaired person or by a search engine. In both cases they can’t see the image so you have to describe it in a way that tells them what the image shows. For example if it’s a photo of a Siamese cat…

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How to start a search engine marketing campaign

Why start a search engine marketing campaign? Buying traffic for the sake of buying traffic will send you broke. The reason is because it isn’t targeted, so you will only get people coming to your website that just leave. Buying just any traffic is like putting up a T.V. ad, you are shooting millions of arrows out to try and hit a prospect. The answer to not wasting your money is to target specific users…

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How to avoid search engines telling customers things you don’t want them to see

This morning I typed in Colorado into the search engine hoping to browse their lovely website and catalogue. I was absolutely shocked when I saw the second listing in Google: “webstore is closing” – this was followed by a website which was an email folder which lead to a broken link. The website itself at present has no content, and you can’t browse to that folder. Google has slipped through the cracks of the website…

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Warning, Are you ignoring Your Desperate Customers Searching for your Services!

During the evening my stomach hurt, but when I woke in the morning.. At 1:02am on Monday my stomach hurt so much that I felt like crying, I had no idea what was wrong. My father is an anaesthetist and I called him because he helps me out when I am really unwell. I told him my symptoms and he quickly diagnosed that it was my appendix that was in trouble. I live in Sydney…

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Look over my shoulder as I search engine optimise this website and steal my secrets!

Free Search Engine Optimisation Webinar Recording Last week I did a webinar with SmartCompany and search engine optimised a few websites including: Axa Australia Flexi Car Key elements we went through: Overall search engine optimisation performance of a website Keyword research and selecting profitable words Structuring your website for keywords Code optimisation Inbound Links Bonus Questions answered I also answered some very specific questions about search marketing that you can learn a lot…

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How To Handle Rapid Google Indexing

Last week I was reading Matt Cutts Blog and saw his report that: The Google crawl/indexing team has continued working hard, and several people have noticed Google’s index getting fresher and fresher. Now some documents can show up in minutes instead of hours or days. The day after that I published a product review on one of my blogs before lunch. After eating I Googled for the product name and was completely blown away to…

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How will the new changes in Google effect you?

What are the new Google changes (5th of July) and how do You Maintain and Improve Your Rankings? 1. Older domain name means better rankings? – Yes if your domain is older than 1 year it will more likely put you in stand for better rankings. This is a tough gig for any domain that is younger than 1 year and has great content. Best to get those landing pages up quickly and submissions to…

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How to use Google to brainstorm your popular keywords and increase your traffic

Keyword Discovery with Google’s Free Tool Mervat is starting a new website called “Viva La Frock” and is struggling to brainstorm her website keywords. She wrote me an email below: “Hi Fred I attended the seminar on Tuesday about Online Marketing which you did a great job of presenting! I wanted to ask you, I am currently in the process of setting up my website and would like to start brainstorming my keywords for search…

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