Things that will change in the future in the…

Things that will happen in the future:

  • You will get an electronic script as opposed to a hard copy one and you will just be able to walk into a pharmacy and buy it.
  • You will stop driving cars, robots will do it.
  • You will stop owning a computer, phone, tablet etc.. and instead just always be connected with 1 device.
  • Banks will stop paying interest to you for holding your money. Instead they will charge you to hold your money.
  • You will stop purchasing services like uber, deliveroo, home shopping delivery etc.. and instead purchase activities with an app that talks to those other apps. e.g. you will buy a party and it will talk with all the other apps to organise your friends, food, transport, reservations, payments etc.
  • Clear Pure Water will become the most expensive drink on earth.
  • Instead of getting plastic surgery on yourself you will get it on your robot avatar that represents you.
  • Virtual Reality tourism will become a bigger industry that real life tourism.
  • People will stop flying in aeroplanes and instead take high speed tubes and trains through the earth’s crust direct to where they want to go.
  • Natural beauty places will become the most rare and expensive destinations to live in.
  • Instagram will die because everyone has taken all of the photos that are worthy of being taken, it will become an archive to the internet of things. Instead people will watch videos of live events that are happening right now.
  • eSports will become the new military training ground for military recruitment.
  • People will stop getting married and instead form a new legal agreement outside of the government.
  • Schools will become custom education facilities that fast track train you in talents that are spotted at an early age.
  • Hospitals will mainly be run by robots and software engineers.
  • Children will be grown in a laboratory as a normal way to have a child.
  • Most humans will have a large portion of robotics inside them.
  • Packaging will become infinitely minimalist and biodegradable.
  • Fresh food that is not genetically modified will become the highest delicacy.
  • There will be a sea in the middle of Australia.
  • Solar power will be the normal  standard of energy production.
  • There will be no country borders, only the country of earth. In juxtaposition to the country of Mars.
  • Most children will have been to space by the age of 7.

Revving an engine is digusting

One day, revving an engine will be viewed as disgusting and irresponsible.

Pumping out more polluting gases and filling the air that we breath with carbons is not something anyone wants.

The smooth sound of the electric engine will be the most thrilling and sexy sound a car makes.


Plan for Search Trends In Advance

For many websites the Christmas/New Year period is a quiet time of year and most people managing them look back at how well they did in the last year.

Take advantage of this by looking forward. Try to predict upcoming trends for the new year and use these trends to build related content to attract visitors to your website.

For example the Simpsons movie was a big release in 2007.

 trends for simpsons movie searches on google

As you can see above there were several important events for search trends about the Simpsons movie (source: Google Trends):

  • A: First newspaper previews of the movie
  • E: Movie released to theatres worldwide
  • F: DVD released for sale

If you had a website with lots of movie related content the way to attract lots of visitors to your site would have been to be the first to publish a really indepth article about the Simpsons Movie, ideally several months before event A (newspaper previews).

Even if your article is mostly rumour and innuendo if it has:

  • Plenty of often updated text content
  • Using targeted keywords
  • Images of Simpsons characters with proper alt attributes etc

Than being first to publish will mean your page will already be ranking well and be “reputable” to search engines by the time event A occurs and will still rank well compared to the big movie review sites when the movie and subsequent DVD’s are released.

Have you had success using Google Trends for content ideas?