Things that will change in the future in the World

Things that will happen in the future:

You will get an electronic script as opposed to a hard copy one and you will just be able to walk into a pharmacy and buy it.
You will stop driving cars, robots will do it.
You will stop owning a computer, phone, tablet etc.. and instead just always be connected [...]

Revving an engine is digusting

One day, revving an engine will be viewed as disgusting and irresponsible.
Pumping out more polluting gases and filling the air that we breath with carbons is not something anyone wants.
The smooth sound of the electric engine will be the most thrilling and sexy sound a car makes.

Slackline is going to be big

Slackline is just off the dial. Its going to be massive. I reckon a music video will pick it up and make it mainstream.

For many websites the Christmas/New Year period is a quiet time of year and most people managing them look back at how well they did in the last year.
Take advantage of this by looking forward. Try to predict upcoming trends for the new year and use these trends to build related content to attract visitors [...]


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