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Look over my shoulder as I search engine optimise…

Free Search Engine Optimisation Webinar Recording

Last week I did a webinar with SmartCompany and search engine optimised a few websites including:

Key elements we went through:

  1. Overall search engine optimisation performance of a website
  2. Keyword research and selecting profitable words
  3. Structuring your website for keywords
  4. Code optimisation
  5. Inbound Links

Bonus Questions answered
I also answered some very specific questions about search marketing that you can learn a lot from at the later 3rd of the webinar.

You can view the search engine optimisation webinar now.


Freestyle Media adds Goodman Fielder to its speciality FMCG online marketing divison

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FREE Online marketing articles

Give me some more Online marketing gold!

I have written a few new articles and they are on other websites right now. You can find them below:

Search Week » Blog Archive » Do those little blue ads down the right hand side work?:
“Google search marketing it very alluring when you first look at it but if you jump straight in people normally experience some of the following problems… Win new online customers, influence existing visitors:
Do you feel disappointed when you look at your website stats and see that 5000 visitors looked at one page, then exited? ..