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How to get your customers to make big waves with your FMCG brand?

What happens when you get your consumers to send you photos of them using your product? Well in Up and Go’s case they go nuts. Below is a screenshot of some of the photos NEW Up and Go Energize drinkers have been sending in to show how extreme they are.

Up and Go Energize giving extreme drinkers a voice

So how in the world can Up and Go get this to happen. Here are 4 rules to follow if you want to get user generated content from your advocates.

How to get User Generated Content from your FMCG Brand Advocates?

1. Ensure your brand is loved – If no one loves your brand your not going to get good User generated content, your going to get bad user generated content. If more than 5% of traffic in your niche go to you need to do something about it. Now, dont put your brand on show and let people shoot it down. Get your CEO on a blog to personally answer each question openly and honestly. If your brand is under heat right now and there are some customers who dont love you right now e.g. James Hardie(Killing people), Telstra (Poor share price), BHP (Too much uranium and digging up the earth), Ford (Too much pollution) or JetStar (Treating people like herd animals, hey, i dont feel like that on Virgin?? They make it fun!) stay away from this space.
2. Give them to tools – Make sure its easy and in laymens terms what you need to do in order to get my picture on the website. Assume I am a 2 year old and give me 1 simple function I need to do in order to make me famous.
3. Make sure you page can be viral – If your entire site is flash make sure there is a URL people can still forward to their friends. One of the drawbacks of pure flash websites is that its almost impossible to send someone a link to the content inside the flash to show somone else what you see. Even easier is to just give them a little button to tell someone else.
4. Choose your tribe of people you want interacting – Be selective and just get people who are super keen together. In Up and Go’s case we have the extremists. They are the kinda people who will go out there and wind surf one day and then go rock climbing in the afternoon. They will fly over to South America to climb a massive mountain that only 200 people have ever done. These are the people we have surrounding this brand and these are the ones who we want their content from because their peers will like it too.

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