A short note to people with Auto-responders

If I receive an auto-responder from someone.

I feel embarassed for them.

I see it as saying:

“I turn my work on and off when I feel like it. I am not that committed to the cause. I won’t reply to your email because I dont really care. Work is just something that I do because I have to do it. I would rather be doing the thing in my auto-responder all the time but I dont have the guts to do it and thus I have to pretend to do what you emailed me for.”

Instead of an auto-responder, I suggest you put none. You will reply to your email when you get to it, dont tell me to wait in the queue. Im already in the queue. If you were going to tell me something, just reply to my email instead.

Unless you have left the job, closed down the business or have died I can’t accept an Auto-responder.

As James Ward always says, “Lift. Show form.”

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