I Digg it!

I have been getting into this whole digg thing. www.digg.com Its at that pioneer stage in its development although I think it has some legs. The idea is that people post articles (website links) and people rate them. The best articles rise to the top. Everytime I go there I find something completely wacky out in cyber space. I see this as being a replacement for news in the future. Why should we let media people choose whats important or interesting. Why not let the people decide. Thats why I am digging it!


Offensive content

Im an online marketer and I have seen a lot of things in my time. The weird, wacky, fun and offensive. Having said that this was just way too strong for me:

Be warned that this video really offended me.

Perhaps I am ignorant about populations of animals because I have watched too much TV, but I thought that hunting elephants, hippos, lions and tigers was not an ideal way to preserve our ecosystem?? Im an armchair environmentalist but hey, this is just a bit too strong for me.

How about this for a comment:
Please Note: The video clip that you are watching is but a small example of the life and death confrontations offered in my movies.More than anything. it demonstrates my manner and method of hunting dangerous game. Rather than shooting the great and noble beast into oblivion from a safe distance, my clients and I choose instead to walk up and give the animal a choice of how he is to die in battle.This explains why my movies are the most watched and talked about hunting movies in the world.

I want to start up a digg and see if anyone else agrees?

What is going on here? I just do not get it.
This is too aggressive