I Digg it!

I have been getting into this whole digg thing. www.digg.com Its at that pioneer stage in its development although I think it has some legs. The idea is that people post articles (website links) and people rate them. The best articles rise to the top. Everytime I go there I find something completely wacky out in cyber space. I see this as being a replacement for news in the future. Why should we let media…

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Censorship Digg

Offensive content

Im an online marketer and I have seen a lot of things in my time. The weird, wacky, fun and offensive. Having said that this was just way too strong for me: http://www.clashradio.com/DVD/sullivan-video/ Be warned that this video really offended me. Perhaps I am ignorant about populations of animals because I have watched too much TV, but I thought that hunting elephants, hippos, lions and tigers was not an ideal way to preserve our ecosystem??…

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