Advice on creating a headline that makes your Website Sell

What makes a Website Headline Appealing to Your Visitors and gets them to Buy from You? In any website, landing page or advertisement your headline is the most important part. How does this apply online: Converting Visitors on Website landing pages – The first words your visitor reads when they land on your landing page. Getting Traffic from Google Adwords Copy – The Headline in your Adwords copy will determine whether your ad gets viewed…

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Copy Podcast and webcast

7 Secrets to make your Online Copy Sizzle!

Online Copy secrets shared by Online Guru Copywriter Want more conversions on your site? Fix your copy! I have interviewed Jon Maxim to help you sizzle your copy to get a better response rate. Jon is a guru copywriter and teaches for ADMA strategy and copy courses. Here are some of the things you will learn: 1. How to deal with the online medium? 2. Where do you start? _un__ion? 3. How do you get…

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