Increase your New Websites Conversion rate
Designing a website can be very subjective – everybody seems to have an opinion, even the mail boy. Through years on the job I have developed this fail-safe methodology which makes things a whole lot easier. Firstly, set an objective. Most simply, your objective with each page should be [...]

I try to improve all my clients website conversion rates all the time. I thought these Google articles might be of interest to you if you are trying to improve your conversion rate.
Google Conversion University
3 quick tips to improve conversion
1. Add security logos – Your SSL provider will normally provide a logo you can use [...]

Welcome to the second instalment of Creating an Email List. To recap: you have a little website and some channels pointing to it, sending you web traffic. Converting website visitors into database signups is the key now.
First let me flag 1 thing: although I have written about acquisition channels it is advisable to setup your [...]

The following post is all about building an email list. I am going to do a few posts on this topic and give you examples of how to build a list up.
Laying the Online Marketing Platform
The Online Marketing Strategy for this email list building needs a solid platform to start with. Key elements of this [...]

Here is a list of over 101 ideas that you can use:
1. Free eBook2. Free Ezine3. Free chapters 4. Free Print Newsletter5. Free mini-course (7 part e-course)6. Free articles7. Free software8. Free a list of directories9. Free downloadable interview10. Free (recorded presentation)11. Free update on market trend info (stocks… etc)12. Free tip sheet14. Free analysis15. [...]

There is no point in driving more people to a website that isnt converting people to customers in the first place.
1. Conversion – Get your website converting traffic into customers. Measure this with statistics. How many people visit your website versus how many people convert into customers is one of the simplest measures.
2. Merchandise – [...]


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