Censorship Google

Google Censorship the 411

I use the term “the 411” a lot and I just want to explain what it means. Essentially in America instead of dialing telstra for information you dial 411. So I use 411 losely to mean “getting the inside word or information”. Ok, so whats the deal with all this Google China censorship thing. I thought they were kidding around but they are actually really serious. I thought I would give it a whirl myself…

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Censorship Digg

Offensive content

Im an online marketer and I have seen a lot of things in my time. The weird, wacky, fun and offensive. Having said that this was just way too strong for me: http://www.clashradio.com/DVD/sullivan-video/ Be warned that this video really offended me. Perhaps I am ignorant about populations of animals because I have watched too much TV, but I thought that hunting elephants, hippos, lions and tigers was not an ideal way to preserve our ecosystem??…

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