Tips for getting a job at my company

Today I received a resume, I was excited as the person had an engineering background.

Tip #1 – Write the most amazing cover letter to me. I am going to read that first. I usually read it and may not even read your resume if your cover letter is drivel. I will look to see the following:

  • Research my company and what it does. Write how you could add value to it.
  • Write well. If you write like crap. I am going to close it and archive your resume. Archive, because I want to make sure I don’t get your resume again!

So, I opened his cover letter and started reading. It was genuinely well written. Unfortunately there was one major problem:

I have a strong background in both heat transfer and thermodynamics.

Great work. But if you read the first line on our website:

Hive Empire applies Internet Marketing Wisdom to Achieve Results.

Perhaps your thermodynamics might not be so welcomed.. I can work through that. But to go on and say:

I have a keen interest in working with Hive Empire as I believe my skill set is a perfect match for your company.

.. that is just too much for me. It motivated me to write this post.

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