Let me tell you the story of how I got into blogging…
It all started when one of my mates, Dylan, began http://needstobeglassed.blogspot.com/. Though quite aggressive in its content, this blog has slowly built up a following of over 1,000 visitors per day.
Dylan and his blog contributors have similar types of humor. They have created a [...]

The business case for blogging

Here is an article I have been reading which is very interesting in regards to the business case for blogging. An online jewelry store tried quite a few things in terms of blogging and writes about the results they experienced.
I like the concept here of the blog being au naturale. It makes it believable and [...]

Clay shirky has rocked my socks with some of his lastest writings. Basically if you want to have a popular blog it’s gotta be niche. In marketing traditionally it has been about bell curves i.e the majority being in the middle. With the internet this is not applying. It seems that it’s not balanced but [...]

I have decided to give my blog a bit of meaningful credit and try and get my blog into the search engines and start getting some traffic to it.
Pagerank = zero/10
Right now my blog has zero pagerank with Google. This means that not many people are linking to it and Google doesnt consider it [...]


Fred Schebesta

Life Goal
My Mission is to help you make positive changes in your life, by doing that, maybe in some small way, I will help you achieve all that you ever wanted to be.