2 Ideas: Bing could leverage Word and Why State…

1. Microsoft Word could be leveraged to Bing’s advantage

Imagine if Microsoft scraped all of the word docs that are produced with its program and analysed the data. That could potentially provide an amazing starting point to the human lexicon. This would help them improve their n-graph algorithm. If they also analysed what anchor text was used for links out to other websites they would be very clean and a lot less manipulated than the ones on the internet.

They might need to combine this together with internet data to get a more web focused picture. But, fundamentally I think you might get yourself some new insights as to what to rank where.

2. Why is State of Origin Dead? – Its quite simple, the product quality has gone down.

  • No Matty Johns – A play maker is required to combat: Lockyer and Thurston. Someone to take risks and make the game fun again.
  • No Biff – More blood is required and no risk of any repercussions afterwards.