Fosters goes 100% online and cuts TV off the…

In a world first Fosters have announced they have removed ALL and I repeat ALL of their TV from their marketing spend and have moved it to online. Let me just clarify, they are not spending a single cent on TV advertising and are instead spending all those bags of money online. That passing fad online thing just caused you to get fired Mr and Mrs media seller working on the Fosters account. Orrhhh did technology catch up with you.

GOOD, now you can see what it feels like to work for peanuts because no one likes your wears. And us online marketers can feel what it was like in your plush offices and with your tasty coffee machines and personal assistants.

Fosters couldnt reach enough of its 21-25 y.o male market with tv so its changed lanes. To the good guys. It will be using as its primary vehicle to reach the audience.

And as Aaron O. Patrick of the Wall Street Journal (Yes “The Wall Street Journal” this is online, that newspaper is online, why not read it?? Or cant you find the website. SFIOG (Search for it on Google)) says more markets will get the guts and go this way.

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