Do you Yahoo? What I like about Yahoo! Advertisements

I am a massive .com advocate and so I just LOVE the Yahoo! ads. They arent that present in Australia although I do remember a few of them. Thanks to our global citizen media here is my favourite advertisement from Yahoo! proudly presented by YouTube.

Yahoo Advertisement

What I like is 2 things

1. Brand Promise – Ok from that ad it promises me you can just about do anything from Yahoo!. I think thats a little tall without some serious commitment to follow-through. You could find out about anything you like from Yahoo! although you would need to actually go and do it.

2. YahooooooooooooHoooooo! – I LOVE that part of the ad. I sing it all the time. I feel more a part of the internet everytime I sing it. Its like I am singing the mantra of the .com boom and resurgance all at the one time. Its iconic in my mind of the potential of online and it will one day be a relic/a benchmark of onlines evolution.

Go forth .com Marketers and dominate!

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