Can I please have some beer with my advertisement?

Carlton have just brought out their latest advertisement viral campaign.

Now, I couldnt help but look at it. I had to. I wanted to be entertained. Lets see how much beer Carlton beer I will drink now?

I heard a rumour that the Big Huge ad didnt actually pay off for the Carlton guys. I can see the Tooheys ad being flogged to death right now but as I wrote in a previous post about online viral marketing their use of Trebuchets was annoying, I am changing my tune and all I look for is the trebuchets now! I dont even care what the beer is. Just give me deer being launched into clouds with trebuchets!

I think if I was running a beer company I would take a different tact. Try something like this:


HeadOn sales went up 50% after running these ads!

What is your most annoying advertisement?

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