5 Ways to Integrate your Offline Advertising with your…

Offline and Online Marketing Integration Tips

Here is a quick check list of things to do to make sure you get the best results when integrating for your campaigns.

  1. Put the website address on your offline materials – Sure that sounds easy but make sure that you put your URL with caps of each beginning letter. Here is a comparision www.onlinemarketingsydney.com.au versus www.OnlineMarketingSydney.com.au
  2. Give them a reason to go online – “Free article when you visit www.OnlineMarketingSydney.com.au” give them a free listing on your directory. Some sort of little enticement is going to lengthen your campaign just that little bit further and engage them with your website.
  3. Put a screenshot of your website – Show they what they are likely to see when they get to your website. Put an enticing screenshot that builds interest in the users mind e.g. a big “FREE” or a Hot looking girl or an interesting diagram. Usually they will see something and this will tip them over the edge to take action and go online to your website. A little teaser preview of what they can expect online might just be what entices them.
  4. Keep the creative consistent – Make sure that when your user enters your online site it is still relevant to what they read offline. E.g. Keep the same headline image at the top as the one in your TV ad, perhaps use similar fonts and iconography or even just put your TV ad on your website. A little bit of consistency here with a good simple call to action will extend your relationship with this visitor a little further to take some more action.
  5. Buy multiple domain names to capture mispellers – Most people including myself can’t spell. So it’s a good idea to buy multiple domain names that are centred around or close to the spelling of your main domain name. E.g. if you go to www.blogge.com you wont go to blogger.com. In my mind this is a bit of a debacle and a blunder. A website which does this well is RSVP.com.au they own every which way under the sun domain near and in their space.

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