Video Marketing David Ogilvy Style

Thank you to Efrain for finding this superb video by David Ogilvy. I love the straight up no fuss way Ogilvy says it. I would also have to agree that if you substituted the words words “Direct Marketing” for “Online Marketing” although I would leave the “Direct Response” words in there to call David our Ambassador of Online Marketing.

Give this video to your branding colleagues for a laugh at least.


Ads that lie

There are some ads out there that are offending me:

1. Sensis – Yellow pages – You are lying, people don’t look at the yellow pages anymore. Tricking people into doing things just because that is how they have always done them is offensive. Companies are not going to lose any business from not advertising in the yellow pages. Instead, they are going to save $10,000.

2. Mother – Coca Cola – You lied to us before because your product tasted like crap. Now you want us to believe that you have fixed it. Why should we believe you?

3. Which ads are giving you grief?


CommBank Hacking on Sydney Morning Herald Website?

CommBank, Who is Your New Online Marketing Agency?

If you see the current banner campaign on SMH and a Commbank banner comes up you will notice a request to fill in your banking login details pops up over the screen. I almost filled in mine!

If I were the media agency for Commbank’s online marketing I would be expecting to look for a new financial services client. The creative agency sends the banners to the media agency. The media agency is the last person with them and therefore should take responsibility because they put them live.


5 Secrets to A Successful Performance Media Campaign

Performance Media may be one of the easiest, and most effective, online marketing opportunities in today’s market.

What is Performance Media/Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is an agreement between two sites in which one site (the affiliate) agrees to feature content or an ad designed to drive traffic to another site. In return, the affiliate receives a percentage of sales or some other form of compensation generated by that traffic.

What are the benefits?

  • You only pay for results. You don’t pay for page views or click-throughs: you pay for results. You decide what is most valuable to you — a sale, an e-mail lead, a download, a newsletter subscriber, or any other measurable activity.
  • It exposes you to a bigger market to sell your product.
  • It gives you the potential benefit of getting advertising space on sites and only paying for commissions, not for the actual advertising space.
  • You will most likely benefit form lower cost per acquisition than traditional online marketing.

5 things that you need to consider for a successful Affiliate Marketing Program:

  1. Direct traffic to the most persuasive and relevant section on your website – The last thing you want is to generate traffic to your site and see it dropping off straight away, because people can’t find what they are looking for. This is particularly important as your affiliates are incentive by commissions and if your site doesn’t convert they will stop promoting your program. When you are advertising for a certain offer in your ad, make sure that potential customers are directed to the exact section of your page that promotes that product or offer. A lot of businesses redirect potential customers to the landing page and lose valuable leads, as people don’t have time to look through the site to find the particular product/offer that you advertised for. Keep the message simple and deliver on what you promise in your ad, i.e Avoid hidden costs or charges.
  2. Work with your affiliates – Building a strong relationship with your affiliates is crucial to a successful performance campaign. See it as a long-term relationship that you need to work on constantly, which will lead to a win-win situation. It is essential to develop a community of reliable affiliates, who are committed to your program and its success. One strategy to do this is a monthly email newsletter to communicate directly with your affiliates. A monthly newsletter not only increases awareness in your program but allows you to offer incentives (e.g. Higher commissions) for better performance. Another point to think about is whether you will pay your affiliates a commission on sales only, or pay them by some other incentive. As a merchant, your options for commission payments are: Pay-per-sale, Pay-per-click or Pay-per-lead.
  3. Ensure your site converts, otherwise you are wasting your time – The best performing online businesses have a simple and clear site. Ensure your site is easy to complete the desired conversion action e.g. fill in a contact form and that potential customers can find what they are looking for within 2 clicks away. A site map can be useful for users who wish to navigate to specific sections. Organize your pages into nice categories so that it is not frustrating for your readers to find what they want. Ask yourself the questions:
    1. Who am I trying to persuade to take the desired action?
    2. What is the action I want them to take?
    3. What does that person need in order to feel confident taking that action?
  4. Rotate your creative to keep it fresh and converting – There are many different types of online advertising creative such as: banner ads, pixel advertising, pop ups, emails, text links and the more options you provide your affiliates the easier it is for them to promote you. You have to decide which is the best for your product and/or service. If you’re not experienced, one of the easiest ways is to find out what methods the bigger sellers in your market are using. Always make sure you have few different ad-formats available, as this will generate more exposure and will give you a better understanding of what works, its also helps you understand which creative converts the best and therefore what your customers prefer.
  5. Contact details/Excellent customer service – Many small businesses that aren’t performing well on the internet may find that their contact details are impossible to find. Lots of people think that their privacy will be violated and they will get hundreds of customers calling them asking questions. This is a tragedy. You must speak to your customers as they want to spend money with you. Every single one telephone call is a potential opportunity to make money. It’s also important to give your customers the peace of mind that they can just pick up the telephone and contact you. After your customers trust you they will order more on your website and thus keep your affiliates happy. To be successful in your affiliate program, you should have customer service and support not just for your customers but also your affiliates. Be prepared to respond to questions and enquiries in various forms such as emails, faxes, phone calls or instant messages from your affiliates promptly and professionally so that you build better relationships.

If you want to learn more about performance media opportunities for you business, please speak to one of our consultants for a free evaluation as to whether it will be suitable for your business. Contact us on 02-9339 6747.


How to make your website sell and never need…

How to tap into the Inner Desire of your Customer every time they land on Your Website?

When I was over in London last week I clipped a number of advertisements from the newspaper because I felt they had killer sales appeal to consumers. They tapped into the topics which all humans are concerned with. When you look at advertisements look at them carefully to see what exactly they are appealing to. There are a lot of poor advertisements out there that are just wacky pictures and text and have absolutely no appeal or core benefit to the people who will potentially buy their product. Those are the ads which fail. You can tell an ad which fails because it doesn’t get run over and over again.

Why do ads that work keep getting run?

You would have thought that ads that work get tired because all of the people who have seen the ad have decided whether or not they are interested. This is not true. The reason why the same ad gets run over and over again is because it works. It brings in more net profit than it cost to place the ad. For example the sales letter for the wall street journal was run for over 14 years. The same letter sold subscriptions to that newspaper. There was no need to change it because it just kept selling subscriptions. An advertisement close to home are the AMI sniff and stiff ads. They haven’t changed in 2 months, because they just keep making sales. Every time they run one of piano ads their phone rings and they sell enough product to pay for the ads and make a profit.

How to tap into an appeal to make your website sell over and over again?

The first thing when you begin thinking about your appeal is to forget what business you are in. Any business can appeal to a particular appeal but it does not mean that it will sell. The process to figure out which appeal will work best for you is testing. There are some classic appeals for different markets such as

  • Business books = Make more money
  • Cosmetics = Popularity and attracting attention. (Especially from guys!)
  • Doors, Doors, Doors, Doors ads = Bargain. (A little offensive but they have been working for 10 years now)

Appeals which have worked over time

The following appeals have sold products throughout time. Which appeal is your website tapping into?

  • Make more money
  • Save money
  • Retirement security
  • Better heath care now
  • Healthcare security
  • Security in old age
  • Advance in profession or trade
  • Prestige
  • Enjoyment
  • Easier chores
  • Gain more leisure
  • Comfort
  • Freedom from worry
  • To be one of the “in” group
  • A Bargain
  • Be popular, attract attention
  • Desire to outshine the neighbours

So once you have decided which appeal you are going to test you need to formulate a headline. Headlines are the most important part of an advertisement.

Advice on making a headline that makes your sales.


Even the almighty David Ogilvy had call to actions…

The Man From Schweppes is here with a Call to Action

Look at the mastery of this ad. I stand humble at the feet of the master of copy and direct response. Look at the story value of this ad. I believe that man exists. Look at this call to action in this ad.

David Ogilvy Quote: “P.S. If your favorite store or bar doesn’t yet have Schweppes, drop a card to us and we’ll make the proper arrangements. Address Schweppes, 30 East 60th Street, New York City.”

I just want to flag 1 line “make the proper arrangements.” David Ogilvy always said, “Turn your clients into premium brands, make them a first class ticket.” This ad encapsulates that for me.

More Ogilvy Gold


5 Ways to Integrate your Offline Advertising with your…

Offline and Online Marketing Integration Tips

Here is a quick check list of things to do to make sure you get the best results when integrating for your campaigns.

  1. Put the website address on your offline materials – Sure that sounds easy but make sure that you put your URL with caps of each beginning letter. Here is a comparision versus
  2. Give them a reason to go online – “Free article when you visit” give them a free listing on your directory. Some sort of little enticement is going to lengthen your campaign just that little bit further and engage them with your website.
  3. Put a screenshot of your website – Show they what they are likely to see when they get to your website. Put an enticing screenshot that builds interest in the users mind e.g. a big “FREE” or a Hot looking girl or an interesting diagram. Usually they will see something and this will tip them over the edge to take action and go online to your website. A little teaser preview of what they can expect online might just be what entices them.
  4. Keep the creative consistent – Make sure that when your user enters your online site it is still relevant to what they read offline. E.g. Keep the same headline image at the top as the one in your TV ad, perhaps use similar fonts and iconography or even just put your TV ad on your website. A little bit of consistency here with a good simple call to action will extend your relationship with this visitor a little further to take some more action.
  5. Buy multiple domain names to capture mispellers – Most people including myself can’t spell. So it’s a good idea to buy multiple domain names that are centred around or close to the spelling of your main domain name. E.g. if you go to you wont go to In my mind this is a bit of a debacle and a blunder. A website which does this well is they own every which way under the sun domain near and in their space.

Do you Yahoo? What I like about Yahoo! Advertisements

I am a massive .com advocate and so I just LOVE the Yahoo! ads. They arent that present in Australia although I do remember a few of them. Thanks to our global citizen media here is my favourite advertisement from Yahoo! proudly presented by YouTube.

Yahoo Advertisement

What I like is 2 things

1. Brand Promise – Ok from that ad it promises me you can just about do anything from Yahoo!. I think thats a little tall without some serious commitment to follow-through. You could find out about anything you like from Yahoo! although you would need to actually go and do it.

2. YahooooooooooooHoooooo! – I LOVE that part of the ad. I sing it all the time. I feel more a part of the internet everytime I sing it. Its like I am singing the mantra of the .com boom and resurgance all at the one time. Its iconic in my mind of the potential of online and it will one day be a relic/a benchmark of onlines evolution.

Go forth .com Marketers and dominate!