I love Dick Smith. I would say he has to be one of the greatest Aussie PR showmen we have had in a long time! He just keeps punching and waving the flag to get attention. I love it.

I love this ad!


Thank you to Efrain for finding this superb video by David Ogilvy. I love the straight up no fuss way Ogilvy says it. I would also have to agree that if you substituted the words words “Direct Marketing” for “Online Marketing” although I would leave the “Direct Response” words in there to call David [...]

Ads that lie

There are some ads out there that are offending me:

1. Sensis – Yellow pages – You are lying, people don’t look at the yellow pages anymore. Tricking people into doing things just because that is how they have always done them is offensive. Companies are not going to lose any business from not advertising in [...]

CommBank, Who is Your New Online Marketing Agency?
If you see the current banner campaign on SMH and a Commbank banner comes up you will notice a request to fill in your banking login details pops up over the screen. I almost filled in mine!
If I were the media agency for Commbank’s online marketing I would [...]

Performance Media may be one of the easiest, and most effective, online marketing opportunities in today’s market.
What is Performance Media/Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is an agreement between two sites in which one site (the affiliate) agrees to feature content or an ad designed to drive traffic to another site. In return, the affiliate receives a [...]

How to tap into the Inner Desire of your Customer every time they land on Your Website?
When I was over in London last week I clipped a number of advertisements from the newspaper because I felt they had killer sales appeal to consumers. They tapped into the topics which all humans are concerned with. When [...]

The Man From Schweppes is here with a Call to Action
Look at the mastery of this ad. I stand humble at the feet of the master of copy and direct response. Look at the story value of this ad. I believe that man exists. Look at this call to action in this ad.
David Ogilvy Quote: [...]

Offline and Online Marketing Integration Tips
Here is a quick check list of things to do to make sure you get the best results when integrating for your campaigns.

Put the website address on your offline materials – Sure that sounds easy but make sure that you put your URL with caps of each beginning letter. Here [...]

I am a massive .com advocate and so I just LOVE the Yahoo! ads. They arent that present in Australia although I do remember a few of them. Thanks to our global citizen media here is my favourite advertisement from Yahoo! proudly presented by YouTube.
Yahoo Advertisement
What I like is 2 things
1. Brand Promise – Ok [...]

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