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Fred Schebesta on Sky News on the 31st of July 2013

The easiest way to explain yourself most times is to let someone else do it. I think James Thomson of Smart Company did an amazing write up of my past in his piece.
What do I do well?

I was born a challenged guy, I always wanted to find something new and figure out how it worked. Reverse engineering things comes naturally to me but then I twist it. I find something new, give it a spin and roll it out as something new. I combine other peoples ideas and thoughts and interpret them into new areas to create new things.

What have I done in the past?

Built Freestyle Media (Now Market United) up into a thriving online marketing agency in Australia which was acquired for $1.3m in 2007 by Q ltd. I didn’t do this by myself, infact my confidant and business partner Frank Restuccia and the great crew at Freestyle made it successful, I just started it off and kept creating new things! You can watch a video of some of the things I learnt building that company on TheAge.

Spun Hive Empire out of Freestyle Media in October 2009 with Frank again. Hive Empire owns Finder.com.au a comparison network of websites. We started comparing credit cards in 2006 but had to take a break while we transitioned Freestyle Media over to its new owners. Finder.com.au is now comparing all sorts of things: home loans, savings accounts, personal loans, life insurance, mobile phones, broadband and plans to do more!

What is in the future?

  • Make finder.com.au into an awesome comparison experience for people struggling to find and compare products.

Go any suggestions for me?

  • Contact me, I promise to reply.
  • I am open to offers of services, partnerships, ideas, suggestions, offers to come and work with me and just some honest feedback.

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