Vancouver Quick Travel Guide for Cool Eats, Drinks and Fun

Fun Run – English bay and Stanley park. I ran around the bay at like 9:30pm at night and it was incredible. The view of the lights and the buildings and the bridges is incredible. I saw a full moon over the main buildings when I ran back the other way. The natural beauty is great around there, it feels a bit like you are running through a forrest and the shoreline is on the…

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Things that will change in the future in the World

Things that will happen in the future: You will get an electronic script as opposed to a hard copy one and you will just be able to walk into a pharmacy and buy it. You will stop driving cars, robots will do it. You will stop owning a computer, phone, tablet etc.. and instead just always be connected with 1 device. Banks will stop paying interest to you for holding your money. Instead they will…

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