Fred Schebesta’s Values

I have been recently really inspired with what Kate Horman is doing over at her blog and the personal journey of growth she is going through and one of those parts was that of stating and aligning herself to a values based life. I got thinking and realised that I have needed to write these for quite some time and I just wanted to share them with you.

My values

  1. Uniqueness – I love being unique and different. I love things which are unique and different. I want to be unique. I hunt different. I respect others who are different and resonate with unique people.
  2. Playfulness – I love to have fun. I love to play games. I love to bring the fun into things that normally dont have much fun in them.
  3. Self reliance / Independence – I have a fierce will to be independent. This goes hand in hand with my uniqueness and I hunger always for it. I respect deeply in others their ability to be independent and inspire themselves, soothe themselves through trouble, learn and innovate through problems and face adversity by themselves.
  4. Excellence – I respect and admire the best of the best. I myself hold my expectations only to the standard of excellence. Every detail, every shape, every form, every word and every second myst be excellent.
  1. (Updated 9th Oct 2015) Loyalty – I am extremely loyal to a tight select group of people. I trust them. I am honest to them. I am transparent to them. I tell only the full truth. I’ve been thinking about this value and I dont think its a value. I think the key is just to be truthful.

What are your values?

Please share them in the comments below, or email them to me. Just post a dot point list like my one above. I forecast that almost no one will ever do this because most people dont know their values and find it really hard to actually write them down.

I would like to also contend that when you write your values, you should also write your things you DONT value. This will help you understand yourself even more, because you will think at times, why did I behave a certain way. If you know that you don’t value it, then you will feel fine about it.


How to actually solve environmental problems

This is how you solve the carbon dioxide problem on the earth.

These are the steps you need to take to solve any environmental problem on earth.

  1. Get a business to solve the problem and make money.
  2. Get the government to support the business. Tesla has had quite a bit of financial help from the US government.
  3. Let the free market commoditise it.
  4. Problem solved.

Core insight about the government trying to solve problems

  • If you want to prevent something from happening –> Get the government to prevent it happening. e.g. If you don’t want people to kill each other, get the government involved.
  • If you want something to start happening –> Get the government to support a business that is solving the problem. e.g. if you want to solve an environmental problem, get a business involved and support it with the government.