Business Books that are my Pillars of Thinking

These are the books that I have read that have influenced deeply my thinking:

  • Topgrading – Hiring, selecting and performance management. Hire A and A+ players. Make a team to go to the moon of A players. If you were going to the moon, would you have this person on your team?
  • One minute manager – Managing people – setting expectations, catching people doing good things and reprimanding. How to get the most out of people.
  • High Output management – Andy Grove – The core of managing a company. This is a very very heavy book to read but strongly suggest you pick and choose topics to read that are relevant to what you need in the moment.

Currently reading

  • The hard thing about hard things – Ben Horowitz – Former Netscape executive – Student of Andy Grove. Apparently one of the greatest managers since Andy. Learn from the greats is my thinking.

Oh by the way, if you want to buy these, use a promo code to save a few dollars. Thats fine if you don’t aswell.

Tell me your list of  books?


How to Achieve

Follow these steps:

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Write down the first 3 steps.
  3. Go and do step 1. Don’t start step 2, till you have done step 1.
  4. Relentlessly continue to pursue your goal with incremental steps. Sometimes the steps will be small, but as long as you keep moving towards your goal, carry on. Remember, “Progress = Happiness”, you will feel that line more when you are hitting the wall.
  5. When you hit a wall. Seek assistance, read just what you need to solve your problem and move on. Someone has already solved this before. Go and copy and improve on them. Remember, its all about the pain you are willing to endure that will determine how much you achieve.

Bonus: How to be Successful

  1. After you have achieved your goal. Set a new one immediately and go and get it.

I know everyone says celebrate and relish your achievements and all that. I can appreciate their sentiment and its good to do that. But, really, if you want to be great, move on from small wins. Celebrate big ones.

All of the successful people I know relentlessly pursue and look for their next goal just as they are finishing their first one.