How to Inspiration Life

Fuck Normal

Normal is the most offensive word in the english language. Calling someone normal is the dirtiest word I can think of. Requesting someone to be normal is unforgiveable. What is normal? Normal is: Woolworths Channel 9 Checking Facebook 5 times a day Facebook itself. (If your friends don’t call you because you aren’t on Facebook. They aren’t your friends.) Soft Drinks Pizza Hut Tooheys New Rent Credit card debt Corn flakes Sydney Hangovers Big…

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The Most Beautiful Question Ever

One night, you are out driving in a remote area that is far from the city.  Its an extremely cold and stormy night, with rain and hail coming down.  You pass a bus-stop in the middle of nowhere and notice that there are 3 people huddled together, sheltering under it.  You can only pick 1 of them up in your car, as it is a2 seater.  The region is so remote that calling for help…

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