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A short note to people with Auto-responders

If I receive an auto-responder from someone. I feel embarassed for them. I see it as saying: “I turn my work on and off when I feel like it. I am not that committed to the cause. I won’t reply to your email because I dont really care. Work is just something that I do because I have to do it. I would rather be doing the thing in my auto-responder all the time but…

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5 Entrepreneurial Movies that Make me Cry

Inspirational movies have a way of hitting my entrepreneurial bone and it normally causes me to cry. I cry at the parts that show amazing belief in yourself, persistence and sacrifice for your enterprise. I think when movies show “belief in yourself” it makes me cry the most. 1. Moneyball I would have cried at least 12 times in this movie. The strongest part for me, the part that kept pushing me over the edge…

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