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A short note to people with Auto-responders

If I receive an auto-responder from someone.

I feel embarassed for them.

I see it as saying:

“I turn my work on and off when I feel like it. I am not that committed to the cause. I won’t reply to your email because I dont really care. Work is just something that I do because I have to do it. I would rather be doing the thing in my auto-responder all the time but I dont have the guts to do it and thus I have to pretend to do what you emailed me for.”

Instead of an auto-responder, I suggest you put none. You will reply to your email when you get to it, dont tell me to wait in the queue. Im already in the queue. If you were going to tell me something, just reply to my email instead.

Unless you have left the job, closed down the business or have died I can’t accept an Auto-responder.

As James Ward always says, “Lift. Show form.”


5 Entrepreneurial Movies that Make me Cry

Inspirational movies have a way of hitting my entrepreneurial bone and it normally causes me to cry. I cry at the parts that show amazing belief in yourself, persistence and sacrifice for your enterprise.

I think when movies show “belief in yourself” it makes me cry the most.

1. Moneyball

  • I would have cried at least 12 times in this movie. The strongest part for me, the part that kept pushing me over the edge was Billy’s belief in his team. He put absolutely everything into it. It has caused me to commit much more to my crew at a whole new level. I aspire to believe like Billy.
  • Belief in himself; Billy had so much adversity from people around him. But he just kept believing in himself.
  • Belief in his cause; At the end of the movie I thought he was going to go on and be the big coach. He didn’t go on to take the big job, instead he stuck with the smaller team and in his belief. The sad part for me was that others just copied him, like all good businesses do.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness

  • This one hits the persistence bell for me. When he gets a small glimmer of hope in his job and a little leg up, it sent me over the edge. I remember in my first business the extreme struggle and the relief when you got a small win. You could explain it to someone else, but no one else would feel how you felt about the moment.

3. Babe

  • I see the farmer as an entrepreneur. His untold belief in himself caused me to be a crying mess while my daughter watched with me, confused at what I was doing.
  • The farmer had a belief. He backed himself. And sacrificed everything to back it.
  • When he stands still while the crowd laughs at him and then the pig suddenly starts moving the sheep was the moment the tears flowed…

4. Jerry Maguire

  • Sacrifice and belief in himself sent me over the edge in this movie.
  • When he is drunk, beat up and basically tells her he loves her and she says “you had me at..”.. sold me.
  • I think I have been drunk, down and beat up emotionally countless times but kept pitching and trying to get what I believed in. Sometimes greatness comes from those moments. Keep punching!

5. Million Dollar Baby

  • This movie made me cry at least 5 times. Its pure persistence, belief in your team and sacrifice.
  • The raw persistance of the boxer herself connected deeply with me as I see new crew members at work hard, struggle and rise up to greatness. Her raw belief in her coach and how much she valued the smallest opportunities she had, sent me over the edge.
  • Countless times the thoughts and emotions of the struggling boxing coach connected with me. I have a crew of young guns and I try to pour everything I can into them. They might not know it but every time they do something amazing it touches me. Sometimes, I have to leave the room.

What are your favourite entrepreneurial movies? Share them in the comments below.