Just make $1 of Profit

When you are starting abusiness, focus is the hardest thing to achieve. I have 1 piece of advice for every single entrepreneur that I meet. I tell them this usually at the end or the start of our conversation.
Ignore everything else about your business and focus on making $1 of profit.

Make $1 of profit

What is $1 of profit

  • $1 of cash sitting in your bank account that you can access and buy things with
  • The tax is paid
  • Suppliers paid
  • You are paid
  • Its ugly or its beautiful, it doesn’t matter. Profit doesn’t judge
  • No ifs, No buts. No conditional $1s.
  • Just $1 clean.

What isnt $1 of profit

  • You have made a sale and its got a profit but you don’t actually have the money in your account
  • You made $1 of revenue but you didn’t pay yourself for your time.
  • You spent more than $1 to make the profit

Email me, when you make your first $1 of profit


Ignore the 0.01%

Say, what you are actually thinking.

“If what you are saying isn’t upsetting people, you simply aren’t saying anything worth listening to.” – Thomas Paine

When you say something, 98% of people ignore you. 1.99% are listening and might be interested, but don’t share their thoughts with you. 0.01% don’t like what you are saying and tell you about it.

Ignore the 0.01%