Inspirational Movies

I have always thought that inspiration is the cure of depression. I used it to get through building my first business. Here are some great films that get me fired up:

Conquering Struggle

  • Alive – that aeroplane one in the Andes
  • Flash of Genius – I think you gave me that movie. Total win.
  • Aviator – That guy was going under but pulled it back
  • Virgin Book – (This one is a book but a movie story!) Branson was close to the line at the start, the bank was trying to shut him down.
  • Wall Street 1 & 2 – The first movie fired me up and the second one was kinda key but a little different to the first

I also like parallel ones like:

  • The Flying Scotsman –  Love the inspiration and shear dedication of this one
  • Made in Dangenam –  – this movie was freakin amazingly inspirational for me. I loved the shear grit and this little lady who didnt know what she was capable of.