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How to turn off Facebook ads from your profile

Turning off Facebook ads from spamming you is actually quite simple and it really gives you more space on your Facebook page. I hate all the make money in no time ads and these are the steps to remove the ads. 3 Steps to remove Facebook ads with Firefox Install Greasemonkey addon – this addon basically enables you to put custom scripts into your browser to filter ads out. Restart your firefox Install one of…

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George Bush Killed America

It only just dawned upon me that I lived through the last great years of America before George Bush killed it. Puppetted by the big capitalists, who like in Robinhood wanted to squeeze every last dollar out of people even if they die, George Bush drove it into the ground. He killed the a great empire which will now, never be spoken of as the most powerful nation on earth. America had a great rein…

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